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in a discordant manner

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There is a degree to which Self revels in being the advocate of doom, discordantly tooting on his kazoo while the rest of the band plays on, but he does have some pretty damning statistics on his side.
Perhaps more robust deglycosylation explains why some patients such as those with renal failure have discordantly high values for NT-proBNP.
Job incumbents may regard the required quality and amount of work discordantly (Lazaroiu, 2015), and may envision distinct expectations.
A twelfth date (Beta-343988), collected from below Cl in mid-Bed 5, yielded a discordantly late date of 12 700-12430 cal BP.
In a press statement carried on Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Al-Hamdan said that Saudi airplanes do not have a navigation line over Iran; discordantly, Iran needs to crossover Saudi Arabia to reach African countries.
The lower one is called as Tuncbilek series, in which the coal seam is located, and is in discordantly on an ophiolitic basement.
syllabling discordantly life, life, life, without measure": it is
U-Pb data that plot discordantly could be the result of exposure to either intense laboratory heat treatment or natural high-temperature metamorphism.
Discordantly, the T allele frequency was slightly higher than the frequency of the C allele in patients with malaria.
As neurosciences nurses, we understand the cerebral connections forged among a host of neurotransmitters; the effects on cognition that result from shifts in electrolytes, antioxidants, and drugs and the individual "wiring" of each individual; and the ways all of these elements work in concert, or discordantly, to frame our emotional lives.
It ends, controversially, with the hero's historically improbable pardon, social reinstatement, and discordantly happy marriage amid the wreck of post-Culloden Scotland.
The whine, the roar and the pop of car engines continues endlessly, through the daylight hours and hauntingly into the night, emerging discordantly back into the dawn.
The Ediacaran and lower Cambrian Lontova Formation belongs to the Ediacaran sequence which discordantly overlies the Precambrian basement.
Implementation of the draft to raise troops to fight for democracy overseas rang discordantly among Howard University students and other black persons in the District who remained segregated under the weight of Jim Crow.
Scatter is mainly found in a slightled albitized sample which behaves discordantly to other samples of the Main Unit (e.