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Synonyms for discordant

Synonyms for discordant

devoid of harmony and accord

made up of parts or qualities that are disparate or otherwise markedly lacking in consistency

characterized by unpleasant discordance of sound

Synonyms for discordant

not in agreement or harmony


lacking in harmony

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When the forced encounters were excluded, the risk was still heightened - the discordant students were 60 percent more likely to consider or attempt suicide.
Conclusion: Despite this case appears to be an isolated one, a discordant complete atrioventricular block regression without any autoimmune evidence should be included in the differential diagnosis of bradycardia in infants.
Discordant sib pair design defines the sib pairs as cases and controls to detect putative association based on different allele counting schemes.
8%) were discordant between the Mohs surgeon and the dermatopathologist, for a 99.
Discordant monozygotic (MZ) twins provide a unique window into the genetic factors underlying the disease phenotype.
The concert went well, but before the climax was reached, A mobile phone rang and discordant notes screeched, Everyone came down to Earth and looked around, To see who had broken the spell in the music found.
While uncommon, "occult maternal malignancy is a potential biological explanation for discordant results," between the fetal karyotype and NIPT, Dr.
Sadly, the bulk of the income in terms of ticket sales and sponsorships is going to the foreign works, while homegrown productions are languishing-to the discordant tune of only 20 percent for local and 80 percent for foreign
Deathbed,'' by Great American Ghost, sounds pretty much like what I always want a hard-core band to sound like but never quite get: That peculiar brand of intensity and sloppiness, a thrashing whirlwind of discordant music that owes more to early '80s punk rock than it does to early '80s metal.
He also said that the MPs must be well prepared before speaking in the house and must have the right perspective on issues so that they do not strike a discordant note with the party's views, according to media reports.
We then compared the results of the intraoperative evaluation with the final results on permanent sections and the discordant TP slides were reviewed retrospectively in conjunction with the permanent section of the SLN when available.
The tool groups replicate samples automatically within a project and offers instant flagging to inform researchers about all discordant allele calls.
Discordant stomper Carry Me proves as gritty as the indie rock band gets, but the chilled, breathy Home By Now fits more into a beach-trance vibe continued on It's Alright Now.
Limited case study follow-up of discordant NIPT results via fetal karyotyping and placental cytogenetic analysis has shown that confined placental mosaicism (CPM) (16-18) and placental mosaicism (1821 ), in which differences occur in the distribution and proportion of euploid and aneuploid cells, are important biological factors that either increase the effective fetal DNA fraction to yield a false-positive fetal aneuploidy or decrease the effective DNA fraction to yield a false-negative aneuploidy.
HIV status in discordant couples in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis.