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Synonyms for discontinuous

Synonyms for discontinuous

of a function or curve


not continuing without interruption in time or space

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kilometres in the central core area and discontinuously over
The trainings are conducted continuously or discontinuously, depending on the details of the purchase orders.
The Coax line also has a buffer effect, which allows materials of different sizes to be fed into the feed hopper directly and discontinuously.
The process can be described as one that discontinuously produces three dimensional parts from polymeric materials, although other materials are injection molded.
The expansion of the "efficiency resource" is also accelerating as designers realize that whole-system design integration can often make very large (one or two order-of-magnitude) energy savings cost less than small or no savings, and as energy-saving technologies evolve discontinuously rather than incrementally.
The most standard of simple applicable growth models -- that of Oliner and Sichel -- predicts that the social return to information technology investment would have to suddenly and discontinuously drop to zero in order for the upward jump in productivity growth to reverse itself in the near future.
Depending on the mode in which the driving elements are controlled, the panels can be rotated without brakes, or can be discontinuously driven, usually using 10-15 steps on daylight.
Although this injection is discontinuously performed, no large perturbation is expected in the spectra since, in addition to the homogenizing effect of the mixing zones created in the screw profiles, an averaging effect of possible variation is associated to spectral accumulation, which consists in 50 scans spreading over a minute, as will be seen later.
The second resin layer has a thickness that decreases toward the second portion and the second resin layer is discontinuously present in a region of the first po rtion connected to the second portion and along the direction toward the second portion and along the direction, which is at a right angle to the right direction toward the second portion and is at right angles to the thickness direction of the multilayered article.
Subsequently, the semi-finished profiles were discontinuously vulcanized in autoclaves.
Discontinuously and Continuously Reinforced Ceramics
The panels can be rotated without brakes during the daylight, or can be discontinuously driven (step-by-step motion).
viridis appeared to be distributed discontinuously between South Carolina and the Indian River Lagoon, FL by 2007.
Turning 65 also discontinuously increases the probability of being diagnosed with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes.
Beyond the maximum, the force discontinuously drops to zero during longer times.