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Synonyms for discontinuous

Synonyms for discontinuous

of a function or curve


not continuing without interruption in time or space

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Figure 5 reveals that the sonication amplitude seems to have no influence on the dispersion quality of the nanoparticle resin mixture for the continuous process, which stands in opposition to the particle size development during the discontinuous process (11), According to Fig.
ARNOLD, An interior penalty finite element method with discontinuous elements, SIAM J.
Rationalization motives and improvement of the product's quality call for replacement of discontinuous processes with continuous ones.
These versions include a discontinuous mode to achieve high conversion efficiency at both low and high output voltages, or a forced continuous mode to achieve an extremely fast transient response and low output voltage ripple.
Enabling smaller and cooler supplies, the eight-pin IR1166 IC simplifies the design of mid-power secondary synchronous rectification (SR) circuits of resonant half-bridge converters and flyback converters designed for 50-150W discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), critical conduction mode (CrCM), and continuous conduction mode (CCM).
In this case, the EPDM was shown to be a discontinuous dispersed phase with gelled particles ranging from less than 0.
The anti-ringing control circuitry reduces EMI by damping the inductor in discontinuous mode.
And if DA, for example, were itself "repeated," would this not produce DADA, arguably the progenitor of an entire discontinuous line of inquiry stretching from Duchamp through Sherrie Levine to Almog's own fascinating paintings?
The] obtuse meaning is discontinuous, indifferent to the story and to the obvious meaning.
Explicit dynamic analysis is well suited for large models with relatively short response times and for modeling extremely discontinuous events, such as impact.
In the present work, to avoid the complications of a discontinuous unknown, the governing equations are reformulated to yield partial pressure as the primary unknown.
A study of HFC-245fa and HFC-356mffm in commercial continuous and discontinuous rigid foam panel systems was presented by Bayer Corp.
Which polymer, in a hetero geneous copolymer, has the most influence on dynamic prop erties depends on which forms the continuous and the discontinuous phases.
729 but requires less computation, and G729B, which is a silence compression scheme with Discontinuous Transmission (DTX), Voice Activity Detection (VAD), Comfort Noise Generator (CNG) and Silence Insertion Descriptor (SID).
In each, recordings of background noise and snippets of conversation form a kind of "soundtrack" for a 360-degree photographic panorama, made up of seemingly discontinuous cells separated by invisible frontiers, which physically incarnate the signature isolation of Taylor-Wood's subjects.