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Synonyms for discontinuous

Synonyms for discontinuous

of a function or curve


not continuing without interruption in time or space

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In the work (Strzalkowski, 2014) there was an assumption presented which states, that the main cause of linear discontinuous deformations creation is the presence of high tensile horizontal strain due to intensive underground mining works.
Figure 4(b) shows a schematic top view of a three-dimensional finite element model of a lap-shear specimen with discontinuous gas metal arc weld.
In the last part of the text the convolution is used for the definition of discontinuous bases of the space of square integrable functions L 2(I ) close to a classical orthonormal system if desired.
Figure 5 reveals that the sonication amplitude seems to have no influence on the dispersion quality of the nanoparticle resin mixture for the continuous process, which stands in opposition to the particle size development during the discontinuous process (11), According to Fig.
Numerical results, including reconstruction of a meromorphic function and the induced current density in discontinuous material distributions, are shown in Section 3.
First, we investigate consumer evaluations of continuous and discontinuous new products and whether these evaluations differ by brand equity.
A discontinuous process consisting of six cycles of pressurization at 60,000 psi and 50 C for 20 seconds provided slightly greater than a 1-log reduction of the S.
Finally, we define the space of discontinuous piecewise polynomial functions
This elastometer can be used for compression tests on profiles and for discontinuous stress relaxation tests.
With each chapter effectively serving as a free-standing essay, it is inevitable that the book presents a discontinuous feel and raises more questions than it can answer.
The graphs in your June article look like mine from 1959 at Douglas Aircraft, jerky and discontinuous (even in the newer color version).
He lives his life in panicky snatches: We see strangely discontinuous episodes of vodka and coke binges, and of a rushed, intensely claustrophobic sexual encounter with a woman in a club toilet cubicle.
The motivation behind this approach was to test whether or not differing geographical fault layouts could account for the occurrence of discontinuous or continuous behavior called Self-Organized Criticality.
Visually, these play off the discontinuous wood ledges that project from the other three sides, giving fast reflections to the players and adding horizontal energy to the music.
The reception/conference center suite, too, can readily be located elsewhere within the same building, discontinuous from the attorney floors, without compromising function.