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Synonyms for discontinuous

Synonyms for discontinuous

of a function or curve


not continuing without interruption in time or space

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Discontinuous washing, bleaching and dyeing machinery for woven fabrics
Among them, the most important are continuous and discontinuous terrain deformations.
In this paper, the distributions of the mode I and mode II stress intensity factor solutions along the fronts of the pre-existing cracks of continuous and discontinuous gas metal arc welds in lap-shear specimens are investigated by three-dimensional finite element analyses.
Abstract: A procedure for the definition of discontinuous real functions is developed based on a fractal methodology.
ALSTEF says the advantages provided by its solution include the "special positioning" of the control machines for maximum accessibility, and the use of a discontinuous elevator for extra space.
A patient needs referral for allergy testing and desensitization therapy only if the swelling or hives occurred in a discontinuous pattern from the site of the sting or if there was anaphylaxis.
8,475,774 B2; Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies has patented a composition comprising a continuous water phase; a discontinuous oil phase comprising a UV-absorbing polyester that is formed by a polycondensation reaction of dimerdiol (monomer 1), di-trimethylolpropane (monomer 2), dimethyladipate (monomer 3) and benzenepropanoic acid (monomer 4), in an amount effective to provide the composition with an SPF of about 2 or more in the absence of a UV-screening compound; and an oil gelling polymer.
Advances in discontinuous numerical methods and applications in geomechanics and geoengineering; proceedings.
In this study we showed that the ultrasonic dispersion process of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in epoxy resin could be scaled up from a discontinuous process at laboratory scale to a continuous process in a flow-through-cell dispersion system.
But Gibbs phenomenon occurs when the Fourier representation method is applied to a non-periodic or discontinuous function [6].
More specifically, research in this area investigates consumer evaluation and adoption of two types of innovations, which are continuous and discontinuous innovations (Moreau et al.
He discusses how impedance affects the propagation of sound waves; the significance and units of the other physical values of sound pressure, speed, energy, power, and intensity; the reflection and transmission of sound waves on a discontinuous surface; how radiation, scattering, and diffraction depend on the spatial distribution of a discontinuous surface or the pattern by which an impedance mismatch is distributed in space, and how change in sound depends on the size and form of the space propagating it.
Kip Viscusi, Joel Huber, Jason Bell, and caroline cecot, writing in Discontinuous
The latest introduction has been designed to offer the speed and quality of a continuous product elevator at the price of a discontinuous conveyor.