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Synonyms for discontinuity

lack of unity

Synonyms for discontinuity

Antonyms for discontinuity

lack of connection or continuity

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These five major intersecting discontinuities amplify each other and any one of them can upset the balance of power between users and their IT organization.
By using a unique methodology (M-FDM) and IP exclusively licensed from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Sphinx is able to more accurately predict the coupling effects and return path discontinuities commonly seen in new IC packaging and PCB designs today.
Since it is impossible to control the size and location of the discontinuities (if we could do this, we wouldn't need testing), it is crucial to use a test bar design that gives a high degree of confidence in the resulting data.
The uranium map (eU; ppm; Figure 3c) shows several high frequency local anomalies peripheral to the potassium anomalies and related to numerous small discontinuities which could be associated with mineralized veins.
Managing Technological Discontinuities, the latest report from innovation consultancy Arthur D.
Typically, shorter wavelets should be used in the neighbourhood of discontinuities or generally higher frequencies in a signal, while longer wavelets should be used for the signal regions where lower frequencies prevail.
These resources allow traders to account for discontinuities in temperature data as soon as possible, and prior to the release of adjusted historical data.
The Nabisco cash balance plan didn't have similar discontinuities.
Darrell Brooks of the world renowned Buncke Clinic; The Study Results Demonstrate That Avance[R] Nerve Graft Is a Safe Method for Reconstructing Nerve Discontinuities with 87.
Focusing on advanced methods and introducing important applications, this acknowledges the difficulty of moving discontinuities such as phase transition fronts or cracks.
The overall SCSI bus impedance is not consistent and will have discontinuities depending on configuration.
MT is a NDT method that detects linear surface and near surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials using the principles of magnetization.
In successive chapters he suggests with succinctness and clarity how the forensic style of private amatory pleading favored by notaries in the service of their Sicilian patron yields to the confident stance of a public, political person speaking as if on the piazza as the sonnet moves northward to the growing city-states, how the sonnet for Dante and the stilnovisti becomes an interiorized textual space for inscribing the growth, continuities, and discontinuities of the self, how the reiteration, change, and reinforcement of the Rime sparse as a sequence give a new field for the refraction of the divided self among the glittering surfaces and sudden depths of the sonnets themselves.
They are radically discontinuous despite superficial similarities, a reflection of the institutionalized discontinuities of post-Modern existence.
describes as "cross-strike discontinuities," similar in appearance to the spreading rift zones between the plates of earth's crust.