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Synonyms for discontinuity

lack of unity

Synonyms for discontinuity

Antonyms for discontinuity

lack of connection or continuity

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As common sense, the shear strength of the rock discontinuities near to slope surface is usually lower than that in the deep place.
The discontinuities data was collected by scan line survey along the exposed cut faces of the old quarries.
5o)]), shear strength parameters of the discontinuities, spacing, roughness, and aperture of discontinuities, were determined in accordance with the ISRM methods (ISRM, 1981, 1985).
We consider multiple uniaxial complex 2D discontinuities between rectangular waveguides in isotropic medium as shown in Fig.
In cases where a weak rock mass is present or where discontinuities in the rock are persistent, open and frequent, "unanticipated" drill hole deviation may result.
Since technological discontinuities dramatically change the industry in which they occur, their impact on mature organizations is profound.
A defect, according to AWS (American Welding Society), is a discontinuity or discontinuities, which by nature or accumulated effect (e.
000 times faster than conventional interferometers and can measure surface shape discontinuities 15.
However, there can still be problems with local discontinuities caused due to either the inductive interface, the cable entry or, for instance, an excessive value of the insulator bead dielectric constant.
It is his theory that, "Jesus was the first Christian, whose discontinuities were the seed of his universal interest and aptness.
These can cause discontinuities in the measured values, and can make historical data unreliable.
The discontinuities in the castings give an instantaneous response on the monitoring equipment.
We identified eight (and there may be more) well-established discontinuities and disruptive trends that play a significant role in shaping the direction of storage.
You see distortions and discontinuities in pictures that are difficult to explain unless optics were used," he says.