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Synonyms for discontentment

unhappiness caused by the failure of one's hopes, desires, or expectations

Synonyms for discontentment

a longing for something better than the present situation

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On the other hand, the greatest dissatisfaction lies in the Authorities and, within this indicator, discontentment is higher in relation to the Legislative and Judiciary.
Buchanan is one of the key characters in F Scott Fitzgerald's story of love and discontentment among the rich in lavish 1920s Long Island, New York.
A MAJORITY of representatives from human resources departments of local companies on Tuesday alleged that the discrimination in salaries between European and Asian expatriates was leading to discontentment among Asian workforce in Qatar.
In an interview with the Voice of Lebanon radio station Aswad ruled out any existing discontentment with regard to the imminent cabinet shape, since in his words there doesn' t even exist a scenario on how the cabinet will turn out as yet.
Sorry for sounding like a harbinger of doom, and fanning the flames of discontentment but every time I see David Cameron's smirking, chubby little face, I feel like making the beeline for the fire extinguisher
administration's discontentment with the Karzai government.
This is leading to discontentment among the people; such as in Malakand, where the civilian government has completely failed to deliver after the operation," he said.
The recent closure of Al Majaz Park had brought about discontentment from residents who were clueless as to why the park had been closed down.
For the past some time, a section of the population had persistently been drawing the attention of the relevant health authorities to the fact that certain medicine shops in the provincial capital had been flooded with spurious drugs and their proprietors had blatantly been distributing death and discontentment among the general public.
Asked if the supporters growing discontentment and dwindling crowds at the Ricoh had any influence on the decision, he said: "The fans are highly influential and can vote with their feet and that's the last thing we want, but that wasn't the reason for parting company with Chris.
It also implies the prevalence of a discontentment with this kind of agreements and the anticipation of a coup in the balance of powers to change these agreements in the worst scenarios.
The discontentment among the support won't go away until there's change at Ibrox.
Instead it's a one-way cyber-leap to discontentment that gives rise to feelings of jealousy and petulance.
Gilani said that the Taliban could exploit discontentment amid a lack of help for people forced to move from conflict zones in the northwest.
They will soon tell you the source of their discontentment.