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Synonyms for discontented

Synonyms for discontented

showing or experiencing dissatisfaction or restless longing


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It is so easy to feel you need more, Always discontented and even sore, And the benefit of the things you call your own, Is spoiled when envy of others' goods is shown.
Money worries are the key concern of one in five Baby Gloomers - making them the most financially discontented of any generation.
Whatever the situation, it is pointless to feel discontented when you are capable of altering your way of being by making positive changes.
As confidants to the discontented, the editors of these newspapers published ideas and experiences not commonly found in public discourse from those who seldom saw their words in print.
But the models were so strict as to produce "a discontented self" (159); and when some of the natives suggested that Puritan faith itself was a human invention, they stirred and magnified the settlers' discontents about their religious identity.
The reader will learn which workers are most likely to feel discontented and how staff members cope with the stress and discontent they experience.
After years of efforts to make her life better through religion, she still remains discontented.
To further examine discontented responses in Chinese and North American cultures, subjects from Canadian and Chinese cultures were asked to recall episodes in which they showed explicit discontent as well as those in which their discontent was repressed.
So why, to judge from the evidence of books, are we discontented with the way most of us live?
The Job Search Handbook is a friendly face to job seekers and discontented employees who want to improve their job search process.
Each step includes a discussion designed to provide the jobseeker and discontented employee with expert advice along with exercises they can do on their own to become proficient in that area.
Job seekers and discontented employees will know whether the Job Search Handbook is right for them by their answers to the following pop quiz.
Her keenly observed storytelling captures not only the castle, but also her father, a one-book international phenomenon suffering from writer's block; his second wife, a model of incredible beauty; her discontented older sister; and several entwined love stories.
Or at least his most discontented album in a while - ``Social Studies,'' particularly its centerpiece, ``Y2K,'' which skewers the computer age.
My goal is not only to be a friendly face to job seekers and discontented employees, but also to tap the community for ways that Simply Hired can improve the job search process.