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It was explained that in normal speech, these emotions are seldom encountered in their full form and this is why joy should be interpreted as an emotion that also covers gratitude, happiness, pleasure and exhilaration; anger also includes resentment, irony, reluctance, contempt, malice and rage; and sadness covers loneliness, disconsolation, concern and hopelessness, while neutral refers to normal speech without special emotions.
debate, division, disconsolation and dialectical attitudes among the public which were altered abruptly and then cemented into a national group spirit, almost over night.
Jackson, The Disconsolation of Theology: Irony, Cruelty, and Putting Charity First, 20 J.
The final loss and disappearance of that beloved leads to a poetry of abandonment and disconsolation (Philip Larkin's late dejected lyrics of lovelessness come to mind).