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Synonyms for disconsolately

in grief-stricken loneliness


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As he was wandering disconsolately about the meadows round the palace, wondering how he could escape being put to death, a little bee flew past, and settling on his shoulder whispered in his ear,
See there, Faguey,' he said, pointing disconsolately to his top boots; 'not a drop of Day and Martin since you know when; not a bubble of blacking, by Jove
and Marie lay back on her lounge, and began to sob disconsolately.
My thoughts strayed from that question as I looked disconsolately at the fire.
I did not attempt to follow her, other than to see that she reached the building in safety, but, directing Woola to accompany her, I turned disconsolately and entered my own house.
She obeyed, but loitered disconsolately at the landing window.
My companion but shook his head disconsolately and walked to one of the windows upon the far side of the apartment.
Returning to competition four weeks after claiming his long overdue first major title, a rusty Garcia trudged disconsolately to the tee at the island-green hole, three over par after a day of mediocrity at the TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida.
The Blues bench looks on disconsolately as it all begins to unravel against Rotherham
When he hit that shot - given our long-held reluctance to score from corners - rather than waiting for the net to bulge, I was expecting a spectator from Row M behind the goal to watch disconsolately as his meat pie was introduced to a new, leather filling.
As they trudged disconsolately through puddles, carrying bags with a few precious belongings into the ward where they expected to die, crowds lining the street parted.
Warwickshire's Laurie Evans is agonisingly bowled for 98 and (inset) trudges disconsolately back to the pavilion as Middlesex celebrate |
followed by a lot of frantic mouse-work, and much sturm and drang, as you follow the steps laid down in Jane's Military Logistics, which are (loosely) click the fan icon, swear, click it again, choose 'join other network' in the menu (for no logical reason whatsoever), fail to know what to type in the box marked 'network name', swear again, head disconsolately into the room with all the wires in, jiggle a few, flick some switches off, count to 30 using elephants, switch everything on again, and Express Great Astonishment when it appears that, it's true, you have no broadband.
He trudged off disconsolately under the floodlights, and soon afterwards James Taylor was gone too - to a very good delivery from Lakmal which took the glove for caught-behind down the leg-side.
As Hamilton looked on with marshals dousing the fire, he shook his head disconsolately and slapped the palm of his hand against a barrier before trudging away.