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Synonyms for disconfirming

not indicating the presence of microorganisms or disease or a specific condition

establishing as invalid or untrue


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The Outcomes IRAP and SCS Out of 28 correlations for the BT group, just one was significant: Failure-Negative Outcomes and Self-Judgment; that is, a bias toward disconfirming that failing leads to negative outcomes predicted lower levels of self-judgment.
the brain's ability to change in response to new experiences), disconfirming experiences (i.
As a result, it must be noted as disconfirming evidence, because it suggests that the caring at J&A, even after the transition to new leadership, did not universally or systematically resonate with theories of culturally responsive pedagogy.
This principle is standardly defended by appealing to the fact that it enjoys empirical support from numerous confirming cases (and no disconfirming cases) in physics.
While critically important, however, the presence of disconfirming information is not sufficient to induce most individuals or groups to undergo the process of change.
From this perspective, Christianity and Judaism have disconfirming identities.
Sometimes, it is clear when a particular variable should be included in the study being developed, but often results will be mixed, with some supporting inclusion of the variable and others disconfirming its usefulness to the model.
This is useful for confirming or disconfirming the argument under discussion.
He argues that the only way to test your assumptions is by finding disconfirming evidences against it.
Do leaders seek out different perspectives and potentially disconfirming points of view?
We scripted a year-long trace disconfirming that our design is unfounded.
Science is an unfinalizable product, constantly expanding its scope to incorporate new and disconfirming facts; it is the Hegelian dialectic turned materialist, since empirical research science is bound up not just with the autonomous play of abstract ideas, but with real processes of action in concrete temporal and physical environments.
Greater recognition of confirming and disconfirming experiences that shape pre-service teachers' self-efficacy beliefs for arts education is necessary.
Simply put, the Jew is the disconfirming other in both Christianity and Islam.
Using this information, we created a table that listed examples of confirming and disconfirming evidence of teachers noticing student mathematical thinking (Thomas, Wineburg, Grossman, Oddmund, & Woolworth, 1998).