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Synonyms for disconfirming

not indicating the presence of microorganisms or disease or a specific condition

establishing as invalid or untrue


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That is, the information sought makes it possible to either confirm or disconfirm the original or primary hypothesis in the sense that the information sought entertains, or at least leaves open, the likelihood of an alternative hypothesis.
The potentially sharper measure of physician interest also disconfirms an interest-group theory.
No empirical work has been done to confirm or disconfirm these theories in the off-rich economies of the Middle East.
In the general process of Interpretation in designing, playing means the conducting of 'loose' experiments, whose purpose is to elicit hypotheses that are sensible enough to make it possible to switch to 'tighter' or controlled experiments, in order to confirm or disconfirm the hypotheses.
This testing does not disconfirm the suppositions which I summarized above--does not disconfirm the theory of human behaving-and-experiencing, and the model for how psychotherapy works, which I present in the 1963 paper.
This paper considers several alternative models of how people reason about newly acquired evidence which seems to disconfirm their prior beliefs.
For the Client Assessment branch, cognitive schemas that were highly characteristic of a majority of respondents during the case review included Seeks Support for (n = 14; 56%) or Seeks to Disconfirm (n = 17; 68%) Initial Hypotheses; Seeks Direction or Assessment from Others (n = 13; 52%); Synthesizes Input into Internal Framework (n = 14; 56%); Specifies Need for Formal Evaluation (n = 16; 64%); and Reviews All Available Information (n = 13; 52%).
In treating social phobics, therapists often videotape social interactions and attempt to disconfirm the patient's negative predictions to increase the salience of previously overlooed social cues, said Dr.
Gray, 1993; Halpern, 1994; King, 1995; McPeck, 1981) agree that critical thinking involves (a) the process of reflecting upon thought provoking ideas and concepts, (b) actively generating hypotheses about those ideas and concepts, preferably in a way that has personal relevance, and (c) gathering pertinent information in an effort to either confirm or disconfirm the hypotheses generated.
There is no way to disconfirm any of these statistics.
Although the effects of growing up in an alcoholic family are becoming clearer, there is a need for a comprehensive assessment that will support or disconfirm previous findings related to the effects of parental alcoholism on dimensions of family functioning (e.
In Relationship 2, for example, negative tests have no potential to disconfirm the working hypothesis but positive tests do.
No experience I might have while under the influence of drugs, for example, could genuinely disconfirm any hypothesis.
ADHD is the protoype of those "mental illnesses" the APA classifies as "non-severe"--defined by vague criteria, impossible to disconfirm scientifically, and comprising vast numbers of alleged sufferers, a small amount of whom well may have a genuine brain disorder.