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anxious embarrassment

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Even earlier, she had provoked disconcertment with her "realist," anti-liberal critique of elements of feminist theory as well as her rebuke of liberal individualism and her growing concern over abortion rights.
The kudzu vine--introduced to the United States in the 1930s to help control soil erosion but that soon be came, to the disconcertment of landscape architects, virtually impossible to control at all--is a weed from Japan and not the United States--despite thriving in southeastern US ecosystems for close to a century.
It's more than kind, your concern for me, your disconcertment with the spiritual inertia into which I seem to have fallen, the spirit of lightness and ease that your letter offers, which only great men have the power to offer, men imbued with an awareness of the danger of this life and yet undaunted by it.
This is related to a political and sovereign decision that expresses extreme disconcertment over Qatar's interference in the Egyptian internal affairs in addition to the lies broadcast by al-Jazeera," Badr Abdul Ati said in a statement issued by the Egyptian embassy in Beirut today.
He calculates gazes and gestures and decouples the video and sound tracks to generate moments of disconcertment as well as unintended comedy.
Their dismay, discomfort and displays of disconcertment at the strange plants that appeared in the soil became the occasion for his own concern.
And this reveals nothing but our boundless disconcertment.