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anxious embarrassment

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The basic notion that laugher expresses pleasurable relief at the sudden abatement of discomfort or disconcertion is an explicit or implicit component of almost all humor theories (68) and has been clinically proven by psychological studies.
This lucidly irresolute tangle--a mix of resolve and disconcertion as regards painting right now, and the larger culture that frames it--structures Frost's art.
In a time before women had the right to vote in this country, all-female-crewed boats were openly competing against men and not without some disconcertion from a segment of their old-school male counterparts.
The final, emblematic lines of the Auden chapter positively suggest that "many critics, even today, remain disconcerted by his refusal to take sides" (285), as if such anonymous disconcertion, a vague yet apparently compulsive accusation, is enough to dispatch the less equivocal.
Lily's assertion that the members of Stolen Generations can easily find their family members and her disconcertion when facing Penny's objection indicates that for her, Aboriginality is too problematised.