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A third of Americans believe the country is on the right track - disconcertingly low for a president eight months before an election.
Plus, proving that gambling is now disconcertingly one of the country's top occupations, casino nights are hugely popular as part of a party package.
Disconcertingly, only one player - striker Neymar of Santos - doesn't play in Europe.
The medical community has struggled for years to reassure parents that childhood vaccinations are safe, but the number of parents who skip the shots disconcertingly grows.
Being chorizo, it was disconcertingly pink in the middle, despite the fact she said she couldn't taste much chorizo, so she had to find the waiter once again to ask for it to be cooked for longer.
The racing was competitive - it's just that arab horses are smaller and at times disconcertingly slower, especially over longer distances.
With disconcertingly few programs to help them, they are particularly vulnerable to homelessness and its residual dangers.
The taste is smooth and sweet, and the rum is almost disconcertingly easy to drink.
Disconcertingly, Boro's main league form weakness was again on show despite the relatively lowly opposition: Inability to score goals.
To complicate matters further, Bradley is making no secret of his not-so-honest intentions, which she finds disconcertingly alluring.
However, Ledwig pays disconcertingly little attention to Reid's texts.
Yarnell and Rebecca Woodford-Smith are disconcertingly flat, John Rowley turns odd moments almost into Forced Entertainment scenes, Tyson himself elects to speak as the only Japanese-accented character and the underrated Nathan Sussex tries to anchor it all with a suitably Pinteresque impassivity.
Disconcertingly, Fukuyama mentions the first PNAC letter in his book, but not the second.
Disconcertingly, the unforgivably young Ms Church replied: "Wasn't he in Texas or something?
Stars of the show for me, however, were Colleen Daley as a deliciously nasty, and disconcertingly sexy, evil queen and Kevin McGreevy as Will, a kind of Buttons to Snow White's Cinderella - loveable and very funny.