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Synonyms for disconcerting

Synonyms for disconcerting

causing an emotional disturbance


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To wake and find oneself left alone with one was also slightly disconcerting.
An unfamiliar and disconcerting moisture had come into them.
It was very disconcerting to look up in the midst of a sudden silence and find Gilbert's hazel eyes fixed upon her with a quite unmistakable expression in their grave depths; and it was still more disconcerting to find herself blushing hotly and uncomfortably under his gaze, just as if -- just as if -- well, it was very embarrassing.
The absolute imperturbability of the man who had once been his friend was disconcerting.
Nor was he startled without reason; for these rattling, bony skeletons of clocks are very disconcerting in their operation, and I wonder very much how any set of men, but most of all how Dutchmen, can have had a liking to invent them.
Her assumption of equality with him was disconcerting, and at times he half-consciously resented the impudence and bizarreness of her intrusion upon him--rising out of the sea in a howling nor'wester, fresh from poking her revolver under Ericson's nose, protected by her gang of huge Polynesian sailors, and settling down in Berande like any shipwrecked sailor.
But on Tuesday morning a rumor that was disconcerting came to Daylight's ears.
Just as Ruth's face, in a momentary jealousy had called before his eyes a forgotten moonlight gale, and as Professor Caldwell made him see again the Northeast Trade herding the white billows across the purple sea, so, from moment to moment, not disconcerting but rather identifying and classifying, new memory- visions rose before him, or spread under his eyelids, or were thrown upon the screen of his consciousness.
Despite the minutiae of wrinkle-work that somehow failed to weazen them, her eyes were clear as a girl's--clear, out-looking, and far- seeing, and with an open and unblinking steadfastness of gaze that was disconcerting.
Another disconcerting thing was that it made no outcry, such as he had been accustomed to with the other dogs he had fought.
If her face had changed at all, it was in a slight hardening of the mouth-- still eager enough to be very disconcerting at times, he felt--and in an added air of self- possession and self-reliance.
And, when the whim changes, it is most easy and delightfully disconcerting to play with the respectable and cowardly bourgeois fetishes and to laugh and epigram at the flitting god-ghosts and the debaucheries and follies of wisdom.
Many other similar disconcerting omissions will be noticed in the Manuscript.
From face to face and speaker to speaker his eyes would turn, boring like gimlets of incandescent ice, disconcerting and perturbing.
Evelina's mother sometimes took a mischievous pleasure in disconcerting her daughter.