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Synonyms for disconcerting

Synonyms for disconcerting

causing an emotional disturbance


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Unlike the politically oriented artist collective Bernadette Corporation, in whose work an editorial voice is easy to locate, Meckseper's image-vacuum made for a far more disconcerting experience.
Others would argue that the truth can be present in any collection of sources, however confusing and that being disconcerting is only a problem with people untrained in historical method.
They use those techniques here, putting a trio of women in front of a disconcerting video that combines pictures of drifting leaves and a slowly falling body.
Dirty House, Shoreditch, built for artists Sue Webster and Tim Noble, one of the disconcerting dwellings from David Adjaye: Houses, edited by Peter Allison: London, Thames & Hudson, 2005, [pounds sterling]29.
Also, the author has the disconcerting habit of identifying only the specific MiG killers in the photos that show squadron lineups.
Equally disconcerting is the realization that every day of our lives, we breathe the same air that hunters, like those described gleefully massacring prairie dogs, do.
A little disconcerting was the absence of Letty during the entire book as well as one small referral to Lucas's first daughter.
Not as disconcerting as Floella herself , who is 55 but looks barely 40.
Hall's pamphlet reveals that his marital difficulties and divorce experience were painful and disconcerting because they violated beliefs that were central to his masculine identity.
And even in a remote hillside town in France, the sight of a gay couple was no longer startling or disconcerting.
As an author, I can say that there is nothing more disconcerting than to read numerous paragraphs in another book that are hauntingly similar paraphrases of one's own work.
A finding of a black thyroid gland (figure 1) is unusual and disconcerting.
That no one seems to remember when a relatively recently introduced and now-ubiquitous practice got its start is disconcerting.
In a corporate strategy article, writer Paul Sweeney explores the slide of Tyco International, the huge conglomerate that has had a rough year, with its stock price falling amid accounting questions and a disconcerting series of moves surrounding a decision to split into four parts -- later reversed -- and an inability to sell key divisions.
What is even more disconcerting is the unbreakable silence of the Church in Canada on matters of pregnancy control and contraceptives that kill pre-born children.