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Synonyms for disconcerted

Synonyms for disconcerted

having self-possession upset

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Dr Nagi observes that in the initial days of Faiz's poetry, one finds disconcertedness as in Che's life.
The challenge of translation of trinitarian unity involves creatively handling the dialectic tensions, between disconcertedness and enrichment, that genuine encounters with others bring and constructively translating them into the language of gifts.
In her initial reaction, she stuttered and at times could not finish her sentences, indicating a state of disorientation and disconcertedness.
Ray tells us that "they" must have thought that "we" weren't going to say or do anything, as we didn't in the past; he also expresses some disconcertedness by the questioning of how the school board could consider doing this with all that had been going on.
Their mother, Ruth (Frances Conroy), had apparently checked out of her loveless marriage - she announces Nathaniel's death with the same levels of disconcertedness as she does the totaling of the hearse and the ruination of her pot roast.