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Synonyms for discomposure

Synonyms for discomposure

anxious embarrassment

a temperament that is perturbed and lacking in composure

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The poem can't sustain Cole's customary coolness here, and presents an image of profound discomposure, his reduction to animal grief.
I would place special emphasis on the term's philosophy implications, given Teresa's sagacious discernment of the protagonist's discomposure.
Not that I am recommending such discomposure for students, but the point is that the feeling and the knowledge stuck.
I can still hear his voice echo the name "Lon-GIN-us" or referring to another thinker as a "cartographer of the Zeitgeist" His books carried titles of power and profundity from Rehearsals for Discomposure through Craters of the Spirit, to The Wild Prayer of Longing.
Her headaches, she believes, are provoked by "Anger, Vexation, Disappointment, or sudden Noise," while her frequent discomposure is the result of "sorrow," "Surprize," and "Mirth.
Her flatulent throne may have caused Mrs Storer some discomposure, though the men might counterclaim for loss of entertainment opportunities with their tight sphinctered seating.
Orlando looked himself up and down in a long looking-glass, without showing any signs of discomposure, and went, presumably, to his bath.
George plays himself magnificently, reproducing the audience's specular image of him looking at them in the regal gaze of stable power, recomposing that image in a great moment of acting without the "smallest appearance" of discomposure.
Variously, they infiltrate eight of twenty-five stanzas, unsettling the text; five sections end with questions, thus failing to provide a preliminary closure and at the same time signalling the speaker's discomposure.
The recent discomposure in the capital markets has once again sensitized borrowers to the realities of unexpected change and the need to adapt quickly to changing situations.
It reflects an ironic discomposure about the nature of appearance, change, and the future.
As if to convey something of this discomposure, the simple, repeated, but yet ambiguous exhortations of line 52 devolve into the poem's strangely elliptical final lines: "Who so would change, do covet or repent; / Neither can reach you, great and innocent" (ll.
This "uncommunicative" nature drives Caleb to understand the "symptoms" (205) that manifest the "torment of Falkland's mind" (7)--his guarded behaviour, but also his facial and bodily discomposure in Caleb's company.
It is the soft and silent disbelief of" a spectator who has to look at a great many things without showing any outward discomposure, and who has learned to give up any more classification of social sins, and to place them instead on the level of absurdities.
t]he power of discomposure, of confusion; the ability to disrupt time and place; the chance to create an incomplete, inarticulate but effective language, and to communicate beyond formal constraints: the letter scene generates this unsettling energy" (166).