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having your composure disturbed

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Many years later, she summed up the sad reality: "These ten minutes have discomposed the rest of my life.
43) If Humboldt uses familiar aesthetic tropes, however, his discomposed sense of place and scale distinguishes his perceptions sharply from the complacently dominant perspective manifested by Henry Crawford and Rushworth at Sotherton, and even from Price's confident assertions against Repton's carefully cultivated parklands.
The symptoms constitute psychological misorientation because they reflect discomposed correct orientation resulting from Eurasian psycho-cultural hegemony as presented in Baldwin (1980), Eyerman (2001), and Jennings (2003).
The relationship between Hans and Djuna may present one ideal prototype of heterosexuality in its admixture of love and friendship, passion and comradeship, yet is one lined with the ephemeral gold of Byzantine paintings--easily discomposed at any moment.
Another work of 1918, The Burning Ghats, an oil painting now in the Maidstone Museum, Kent (see Maidstone Museum 2012), is less effective visually (it strikes me as a weirdly discomposed version of Whistler's Nocturne: Blue and Silver--Battersea Reach in the Freer Gallery), but Goodwin's diary reference to the painting suggests how deeply Benares had insinuated itself into his literal nightmares:
The result is a discomposed novel, one that fails to find the sort of modernist aesthetic that might allow ideological and narrative dismantling to reinforce each other, as, for example, Faulkner invents in Absalom, Absalom
The fear of death had so discomposed his mind that he could not invent a lie.
To solve this model, the dual cycling quay crane scheduling problem was discomposed into intra-stage optimization phase (sequencing all stacks in one hatch), and inter-stage optimization phase (sequencing all hatches).
The fevered strokes with which Donachie describes Gall's almost blinded, almost weeping, discomposed eyes in The world stood still and I am wild, or the hand that simultaneously points to, shades, impresses upon, and protects the woman's upper thigh in Know my substance when It speaks, protest this bias.
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injured, moulded [sic], discomposed [sic], or sophisticated, shall, on
a twenty-year marriage discomposed, sustained this long
In the day, he was tormented with sad and painful reflections and the night discomposed him with dismal visions, which seemed to threaten him with new misfortunes: so that he, at last, resolved, by poison, to put ah end to his days, that were rendered insupportable by the bitterness of affliction.
The discomposed nature of Albion's existence suited Johnson's personality.