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Synonyms for discomfort

Synonyms for discomfort

the state or quality of being inconvenient

something that causes difficulty, trouble, or lack of ease

to cause inconvenience for

to cause (a person) to be self-consciously distressed

Synonyms for discomfort

an uncomfortable feeling of mental painfulness or distress

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We share these confrontations with the narrator/artist who comes to reveal an evolving complex persona struggling with the unsettling implications of a series of irresolvable contemporary dilemmas: the relationship between sexuality and destruction; the appalling implications of the appeal of violence and the wellspring urges we share to do injury to others; the deception of appearances and the discomfortingly speedy process by which the familiar morphs into the strange; and above all the role--and challenge--of the artist whose inspiration and vision necessarily derive from shadowy and forbidding interior realms where we are ultimately most (in)human.
Lynas saw houses in Alaska sunken into the thawing ground, angled discomfortingly and bizarrely on sinking foundations.
We can only keep our fingers crossed that we get the chance to see two rich men's private affairs discomfortingly exposed to public scrutiny but, since both will want to avoid that, it won't happen.
Then there's that climactic moment when Lester's lust for Angela discomfortingly approaches consummation.
O]urs is a time rich in discomfortingly innovative poetry and poetic thinking.
Ma Vie en Rose derives its uniqueness from the tension between its cartoon trappings and discomfortingly real situations.