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India had just returned from a harrowing time against the South Africans, the pace and bounce proving discomfiting for our batsmen.
If nursing is ever to realise its own potential to transform health and health care, both at an individual and community level, and to articulate its own contribution to that care, then discomfiting discourse is essential--be that intra- or inter-professional.
Bardem chills to the bone with a discomfiting portrayal of an unstoppable angel of death, with scintillating turns from Brolin and Jones, the latter tingeing his role with humour almost as dry as the Texan desert.
Llandudno Junction Cineworld NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (15) Discomfiting portrayal of an unstoppable angel of death, with Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones.
Our discomfiting sociopolitical situation is powerfully evoked in the initial constellation of drawings, organized in relation to the phrase ISRAEL IS MORAL painted directly onto the wall, with a letter T and insertion symbol between and just above the R and A in MORAL, generating various possible significations.
Hawkins was not popular with counsel; he thought nothing of discomfiting and thwarting lawyers and laymen alike.
Given the private sector's high leverage, even a falloff in growth as moderate as this could have discomfiting implications for financial sector asset quality.
Sitting in the pitch-black auditorium of the studio for these three later plays - even the emergency exit lights were switched off for the 55-minute duration - was as illuminating as it was discomfiting.
Licht's attention to firms' hiring practices will perhaps be the most discomfiting segment of this study to historians of labor markets and personnel management.
Kuehn's treatment of these cases, exploring all sides from a variety of social and legal perspectives, is usefully discomfiting, forcing the reader to confront the elisions, occlusions, and glossingsover that underlie scholars' generalizations and interpretations regarding Florentine (or other) social structures and practices.
It is all the more discomfiting, therefore, to have to conclude that what may be shaping up as the biggest U.
We have to reason ourselves into suppressing the desire to incarcerate the leper, turn our backs on the lame and halt, walk away from misery in all its discomfiting infringements.
But, says Councillor White, what is most discomfiting about the bribery culture in Ireland is that it is practiced by "most decent and honest people who think this is the done thing".
While the relay services require operators to relay conversations verbatim without judgment, some operators do occasionally turn discomfiting calls over to other operators, says Mike Krajnak, 36, of Providence, R.
This can be discomfiting to watch, particularly when a singer is tackling a strenuous vocal passage and the on-screen actor appears to be doing nothing more than mouthing the words without effort.