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Synonyms for discombobulated

having self-possession upset


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and flummoxed postures amongst the discombobulated herd,
But, KOMA Unwind is now available for the stressed out and discombobulated who need help in settling down to sleep.
has published The Discombobulated Development of a CPA-ABRIDGED: A Memoir by Ken Cooper.
She's already discombobulated and is in the process of intermingling with the fat bloke with halitosis and spots.
THURSDAY Discombobulated was created by two lowranking airport officials (aka Publick Transport) to highlight the "crucial role" they play in international security.
He's totally easy to get off stride, discombobulated.
So, if you're feeling a little discombobulated or you're feeling slightly out of control, try these two things: don't fall prey to unreasonable expectations (perfection) and organize your day by writing down what you need to accomplish.
Sixty years later, a librarian spots the discombobulated Leo Szilard, Robert Oppenheimer, and Enrico Fermi near her home in Santa Fe.
Get him completely discombobulated so he would be easy pickings.
my friend columnist, He terribly discombobulated by my argument that, in most the majority chores the woman.
She's played by Mary-Louise Parker, who possesses, in her dry comic repertoire, some of the best discombobulated reaction shots in the business.
Kerry wouldn't be discombobulated by a jaunt in his Tardis as she often doesn't seem to know what time or place she's in anyway.
The foreign minister of France threw more criticism on the heap of negative critiques he has made of the Islamic Republic since its June 12 election, this time saying President Ahmadi-nejad and his government are discombobulated.
I don't know about you, but this week's movie-release schedule has me feeling a bit discombobulated.
At first glance, her discombobulated blending of references suggests that the joke is on us.