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Because the estimation for the interaction parameter curvature and discoloration for board grade 3 is much greater than for board grade 2, it is obvious that, compared to the reference category (no curvature and no discoloration), the probability of producing logs for board grade 3 is much higher than for board grade 2 when discoloration and curvature appear.
For the observed log breakdown, it is the presence of discoloration and curvature in particular that influences the frequencies of the lumber grades produced.
According to these results, the grading of the logs into logs with curvature or discoloration (called "log grade B") and into logs without curvature and discoloration (called "log grade A") is proposed.
Once the discolorations have been removed, they will not come back.
He has pioneered and patented treatments to eliminate gum discolorations and has been honored for his work by peers at the International Association of Dental Research and by the public through the Consumer's Research Council of America.
On the cause of yellow discolorations of oak heartwood (Quercus Sec.
Discoloration of hard maple lumber commonly occurs during kiln-drying.
lumber is susceptible to discoloration during kiln-drying.
It was found that the discoloration was strongly pH dependent.
After 60 min treatment, the absorbance peaks in the visible region gradually decreased indicating discoloration.
33 mL/L was sufficient for RR120 discoloration within 120 min reaction.