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a descriptive catalog of musical recordings

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Disc infection after diagnostic discography is a well-defined complication.
Craig Martin Gibbs' Black Recording Artists, 1877-1926: An Annotated Discography applies a similar approach to his reference work and arranges the entries chronologically.
This discography catalogs 50 years of calypso and other music of Trinidad, including both well-known and less-known performers, Muslim and East Indian performers, and field recordings of Shango and Voodoo rituals.
A study of patients with chronic LBP found that 39% had internal disc disruption, with concordant pain provocation on discography indicating that the pain was discogenic in origin.
Dixon, John Godrich, Mike Leadbitter, and Neil Slaven; and the gospel music discography by Cedric J.
To celebrate this jubilee his discography will be introduced to the public," Oratert reported.
18 out of 40 patients were dropped out of the study in the period before the provocative discography because of improvement in low back pain (LBP) or refusal of ISI treatment.
A discography and glossary of terms completes the book, with both English and French pronunciations.
This site offers a complete Dylan discography and it's a great place to look for information about commercial CDs and bootleg albums.
Next up is a superbly researched and documented discography of every recording made on the labels mentioned in the book between the years 1945 and 1955.
Coop is an active recording artist with a current discography of 13 titles on both Skylark Records and CBC Records.
Also included is a hefty 48 pages of black and white photos from the archives of the Met, a complete discography in 18 pages, and a complete chronology of her life and works in an additional 41 pages.
diSEMBOWELMENT Discography, 3xLP boxset (3XM)--Finally available on vinyl (simple black box limited to 500), Australia's legendary and mystical purveyor of punishing doom is here.
Sedition And Alchemy also hold the first full published discography of John Cale's work, making it a 'must' reference for any Cale fan.
Zappa would do something similar with his entire discography, releasing highly personal records that harked back to the doo-wop he loved in the '50s, say, and then offering up elaborate symphonic efforts, or jazz-infused sets that mostly had the effect of alienating whatever remained of his audience.