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a descriptive catalog of musical recordings

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Bruce Epperson's More Important than the Music may be read as a companion to Barry Kernfeld and Howard Rye's classic two-part article "Comprehensive Discographies of Jazz, Blues, and Gospel" (Notes 51, nos.
28 According to current discographies (29) Burian made six recordings in Vienna for Pathe as a member of the Vienna Court Opera in October 1912.
For instance, there is a disappointingly short entry on the Carter Family (the author classifies them as 'Country' and refers the reader to one of his other discographies for more information), and, conversely, a surprisingly thorough section on Harry Belafonte.
Northridge) compiles a selective discography of concert band music, which is often omitted in discographies of classical music.
With InterVideo Data Injection technology, content owners can inject web links, lyrics and other content directly into their music files without disrupting the format -- allowing users to see biographies, discographies, tour dates and synchronized lyrics while enjoying their favorite music.
Although neatly fifteen years have passed, the observations and conclusions are still valid (Barry Kern fold & Howard Rye, "Comprehensive Discographies of jazz, Bines, and Gospel," Notes 51.
The interactive radio platform allows fans to view artist/band biographies, photos and discographies, click to purchase CDs, as well as find tour dates and ticket information.
Bolig is best known for his discographies of the recordings of the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso (John R.
Specifically, the Mercury Dot technology will allow consumers to access album artwork and information, reviews, biographies, 30 second song clips, and complete artists and similar artist discographies.
The recent release of two comprehensive discographies on CD-ROM covering all or most of the recorded history of jazz marks a watershed in music research.
In contrast to earlier Caruso discographies, most arranged alphabetically by composer, Bolig's offered a chronological listing.
Lycos has fully integrated BMG's download service with the Lycos Music destination, combining BMG's digital downloads with Lycos's artist information including biographies, discographies, videos and links to additional artist information.
Under the terms of deal, fans that play certain CDs from Gabrels' and Smith's discographies in the iCASTER will be able to download the "Yesterday's Gone" bonus track via the Net.
A mechanical engineer, economist, and political scientist, he compiles discographies as a hobby.