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a descriptive catalog of musical recordings

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In this study, I explore general methods of discographic practice in organizing data from vintage vinyl recordings, address the issue of dating popular music recordings, and illustrate that research derived from recordings adds unique findings and insight to historical research.
The new box will contain a fully-annotated 40-page booklet with complete discographic information including personnel and production details, plus a 2,000-word essay by author and Wall Street Journal writer Marc Myers.
While many recordings from the discographic legacy of Toscanini and the NBC Symphony Orchestra still remain touchstones today, the Italian conductor's harddriving, often relentless approach has worn less well than that of Fritz Reiner.
1 Illustrations, discographic and source notes, index.
Complete historic track annotation and discographic data is also featured.
pdf files containing liner notes, discographic details, photography, bonus features, and more
This article provides a brief introduction to the history of art music in Nigeria, a concise discussion of three generations of music composition in Nigeria as well as an extensive bibliography of Nigerian art music comprised of articles, books, and discographic materials.
Bolig's introduction also covers his methods for compiling the discographic information, especially his exhaustive research in the Sony/BMG Archive; terminology used in the book; and an explanation of the various markings found on the records.
That Haug is primarily interested in identifying repertoire is indicated by the statement in the "Introductory Remarks" that for works with more than five recordings listed in the 2000 Bielefelder catalog no specific discographic information is provided, but simply the notation "multi-CD.
Since it seems highly unlikely that their project will ever be completed, Bolig's work will be the definitive source of discographic information on published Victor Red Seal recordings.
11), he mentions that recommended recordings are listed on the Louis Armstrong House and Archives's web site, but the site identifies only a handful of recordings and with little discographic detail (http://www.
In alternating issues, a discographic essay focusing on a specific genre, historical period, instrument, or style of music is featured.
For any particular recording, one finds the expected discographic information: label, catalog and matrix numbers, performer(s), instrumentation, recording date and locale, composer credits and dates (when available), although the data does not include session musicians.
The song entries do not mention he composers or lyricists, and the discographic citations give only principal artist, title, and label.