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popular dance music (especially in the late 1970s)

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And disco music legends Chic, now touring as Chic featuring Nile Rogers, have all the tracks that defined the era including Le Freak, I Want Your Love, Everybody Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance and the number one single Good Times.
The Volkswagen booth at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show had a pair of girls -- a blonde and a brunette -- strike poses on platforms as disco music blared through the COBO Center.
But before you dust off your mirror ball, in typical BBC4 style it's starting with a music history lesson, which pinpoints the birth of disco music as the historic night of the riot at New York's Stonewall Inn on June 27, 1969.
Norman was born in Brittany, the place where he first discovered disco music and then later electronic music through artists such as Daft Punk, Cassius and Junior Jack.
If they want to dance around the casket and play disco music they can have it.
TAKING IT LYING DOWN: The League of Health and Beauty at a session at the Top Rank Suite in Dale End, Birmingham, in 1973; and (below) the Spring Body Shop at Cannon Hill in 1986; and dance teachers at a special training course in Birmingham in 1986 HAVING A BALL: Janet Martin shows footballer Ian Pinner how to stay in shape to disco music in 1983; and keep fit at Aston Villa Leisure Centre in 1983 - with Joy Carn's baby watching LEOTARD LADIES: The ladies of Body Images in 1984; and members of the Warwickshire keep fit team at John Wilmott School in 1987
They dance to a "sound design" by Dinah Mullen, which involves a thumping beat and some disco music.
He said that people have now developed taste for classical music as compared to fast or disco music and enthusiastically attend music programs and extend their heartiest appreciation towards classical singers.
For students and general readers, Ortiz, a journalist who writes about dance for art and dance trade journals, traces the origins and history of disco music, its evolution, and how dance was adapted to the disco beat.
CITY Santa Dash runners will have disco music to motivate them around the course.
Any who would re-create the 70s atmosphere will find this an engrossing examination of baseball's connections to pop culture and social change, with a lively history of the black power movement, the evolution of disco music, and more lending to an outstanding, lively survey perfect for general lending libraries.
To celebrate their association with Dizzee Rascal, RAYMOND WEIL has launched a competition for one lucky person to win a RAYMOND WEIL watch, from the same Nabucco family, as worn by Dizzee Rascal in his DIRTEE DISCO music video.
Wearing masks and capes, the seven men perform to disco music in front of judges Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan.
The folk group have a variety of eccentric influences, including brass, strings, disco music, sea shanties and Tom Waits.
When their father, a former downtown club hopper himself, introduced the siblings to disco music, they immediately knew it was their calling: "We gravitated to disco because everything was live," says Steve Jr.