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Synonyms for disco



Synonyms for disco

popular dance music (especially in the late 1970s)

a public dance hall for dancing to recorded popular music

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BBC Radio Tees came to one of our weekly discos this week at Norton's Malleable Club.
Project Disco will soon announce its future initiatives and activations that are scheduled to take place across events and venues in the U.
Both ACE and our clients have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from both the Liverpool public and by pub and club owners, and people wanting to come and know more about the discos.
Those DJs being Severino hailing from Mantova in Italy and Luke Howard, life long disco fanatic.
My pals and I love to sing and dance and while a lot of people have their discos indoors, we think there is no better place to groove the day away than in a beautiful garden
Nile Rogers, Robin Gibb (pictured), Kathy Sledge and Ian Schrager are on hand to pass on their thoughts on the music we call disco.
The bastard offspring of "Boogie Nights," a musical cavalcade franchise that originated out of Las Vegas, Satan - I mean, Peckman - was part of the "third string" of the New England version of this traveling disco circus.
Erin Flood and Heather Nixon sing parts on the tracks "New Disco," "Bjorkana," "Short and Sweet," "Man on Fire" (Flood only) and "Missconnection" and "Rocket" (Nixon only).
Boasting a significant market share in its field, DISCO has considered it essential, above and beyond ensuring adequate measures for the environment in which the equipment is operated, to take security measures in the equipment itself.
The club will be decked out with disco lights, bubbles, magicians, face painters and toys, as well as a chill out room with beanbags and yummy food to keep everyone dancing in peak condition.
With the emergence of disco and the nightclub scene it engendered, gays and straights began to mingle in a way that they never had before.
Disco dancing Year 6 and under: Emma Jane Wyn-Williams, Ysgol Bro Cernyw.
The tightly choreographed concert began 50 minutes late when a giant crystal disco ball was lowered from the ceiling to the end of a long catwalk stretching deep into the audience floor.
Christie already had a shiny disco ball--the perfect final touch to reflect this urbanized safari girl's personality