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made known (especially something secret or concealed)

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Any reasonable written document that acknowledges the client is aware that the information may be disclosed and confirms in writing the client's permission for the disclosure.
The money amounts entered on the forms must be verifiable, and the information on the return must be disclosed in the manner described below.
Typically, in determining whether a violation of the Investment Adviser Act has occurred, the SEC staff reviews what the adviser has disclosed to its clients and what should have been disclosed.
But more primary care physicians and students voluntarily disclosed medical errors than those who did not, said Dr.
The value of the order, which is booked for the first quarter of 2005, is not disclosed.
Taxpayers may be required to waive the privileges for the tax advice that is disclosed to the auditors, and also for all other tax advice on the same subject.
The accuracy penalty can now be avoided in the case of an RT only if it is disclosed and qualifies for dispensation under the "strengthened reasonable cause exception" described in new section 6664(d).
6%) where either the first or last authors should have disclosed conflicts in accordance with the disclosure policy.
School counselors are sometimes confused by a FERPA provision that allows confidential notes or memory aids to be protected from FERPA's requirement that official school records be disclosed to parents.
If the loan has more than one payment level, the regular payment for each level must be disclosed.
Beyond the permitted uses, the information cannot be disclosed without the affected person's specific authorization.
The President's ability to be reelected is in question, and a confidential survey indicates that had he disclosed his MS, he wouldn't have been elected in the first place.
As a result of the ease and speed with which personal information now may be disclosed via electronic means, privacy issues have been and will continue to be the focus of substantial legislative and regulatory action.
The categories of information disclosed pursuant to agreements with third-party service providers and joint marketers and the categories of third parties providing the services, or that you do not do so;
The trial court ruled that the location of the surveillance post did not have to be disclosed, stating that