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Synonyms for discipline

Synonyms for discipline

something, such as loss, pain, or confinement, imposed for wrongdoing

an area of academic study that is part of a larger body of learning

to impart knowledge and skill to

to subject (one) to a penalty for a wrong

Synonyms for discipline

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Moreover, the same provision specifically notes that the disciplinable act may occur "at any time" [section] 48900(s) (West Supp.
76) Courts may rely upon determinations made by these committees to enforce the Code of Professional Responsibility, but courts are solely responsible for determining whether the conduct constitutes an ethical violation and is disciplinable.
como se pudo observar en la introduccion, esta claro que el fundamento de lo ilicito es el desvalor de accion, por lo que para verificar la antijuridicidad o ilicitud bastara que se compruebe que el sujeto disciplinable inobservo la norma subjetiva de determinacion, esto es, aquel precepto de mandato que le exige al servidor publico lo siguiente:
Para Comenio, el hombre es un animal disciplinable, entendido esto como sinonimo de educable o culturizable.
This continues to be a disciplinable offense on the ground that it is a per se violation of the ban on sharing legal fees with nonlawyers, see MODEL RULES OF PROF'L CONDUCT R.