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Spiritual Transformation - through life-on-life discipleship
This unique two-year Discipleship Training Program was also taught at House Of Israel in Charlotte, NC.
The Be My Disciples program, which empowers young people and their families to answer the call to discipleship, has gone through the conformity process and is fully available for schools and parishes, grades 1-8.
Perhaps we live as people called by God, living lives of discipleship, knowing that God goes with us in our most difficult times.
There is much that is restored in this practice: a return to the centrality of the spiritual in indigenous life; an affirmation of the miraculous presence of God in every particle of creation; a manner of authority that is more compatible with indigenous understanding of governance and community; and, finally, the absolute necessity of being radically open to the teaching, example, and leading of our creator, speaking through scripture in the life of the community--the very basis of discipleship.
It will survive in the flow of cultural change and shifts of worldview, and can meet the needs of ongoing conversion, loyal discipleship, and openness toward our global "village,"
NCR spoke by phone with Stevens in June about her work on the paintings, and how they might fit in with our understanding of theology and discipleship.
One of the main causes of the problem is that churches and seminaries have disconnected discipleship from everyday life.
Mark 8: 22-38 tells us that there are two stages to Christian discipleship.
Nashville, TN: Discipleship Resources, 1999; reprint 2002.
In between, the fate of the prophet is made all too clear by John the Baptist's execution, and we are reminded that our own hands are far from clean when we confront the implications of discipleship in our own lives.
David builds a solid foundation to help the reader understand true discipleship.
I was asked to review this work to give a strong platform for Alastair Macnaughton who starts this month as 'Education for Discipleship Officer - a post shared with Durham Diocese.
Written by ordained minister Christopher Levan, Give Us This Day: Lenten Reflections on Baking Bread and Discipleship is an anthology of meditations for every day of Lent, encouraging the reader to link faith ("our daily bread") with the day-to-day life in the modern world.