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What would our reflections on discipleship mean to these communities of people who are pushed beyond the margins into exclusion and dehumanization; who are resisting injustice and oppression despite pain and losses; and who persist in struggle in solidarity with the marginalized and the excluded?
As a discipleship tool the book will equip the reader to:
If we are to shift our focus to "evangelism, discipleship and mission," our church had better start focusing on more resources for clergy to use in order to carry out that aim.
Christian discipleship requires protection of human beings-'from the oppression of fellow human beings, from the arbitrary use of power by government, from unjust structures of society, and from the constant threat to their integrity as human beings, and to guarantee access to those means by which basic survival may be met' (Ex.
Luke quotes Jesus as saying that disciples must take up their cross "daily" Just as Jesus' experience of rejection and the suffering it entailed was ongoing, so too the self-giving that expressed their discipleship would have to be as persistent as their need for daily bread.
I highly recommend the book as a thought-provoking study guide for church groups seeking to engage Mark for contemporary discipleship.
The company has a unique 7th Seed program that promotes discipleship outside of your own family.
Hopefully, those who do read and embrace the message of discipleship deeply threaded throughout the text will put this book, or its message, into the hands and hearts of those who need it most.
The book is engaged in world-and-life formation of a distinct kind: to discover how "a biblical worldview empowered by the Spirit will foster discipleship that will create, refine, and sustain wise participation in the economy within an ethos of stewardship and the fulfillment of the Great Commission" (xxviii).
Especially helpful aspects include a brief biography, a timeline to help chronologically locate major events and writings in Bonheoffer's life, and reviews of five key productions from Bonhoeffer: Sanctorum Communio (The Communion of Saints), Discipleship, Life Together, Ethics, and Letters and Papers from Prison.
His concern is that our view of discipleship is lacking a clear integration of faith, work, and economics.
Why is it when we are confronted by a work that seeks to understand "exceptional" discipleship we feel this sudden need to justify "ordinary" discipleship?
To carry one's own cross in union with the Crucified Saviour expresses likewise the essence of Christian discipleship.
Gallaty shows us the Wikipedia model of discipleship, where many volunteers are all contributing.
Open Mind, Faithful Heart: Meditations on Christian Discipleship is certainly not a book to read in one sitting, but not because of its density or difficulty.