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having a round or oval shape like a disc

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There was severe macular degeneration in the right eye with a disciform scar and overlying hemorrhage.
Patients enrolled in the study were at least 55 years of age and had central vision loss caused by disciform scars (end-stage wet AMD) or geographic atrophy (advanced dry AMD).
Transplantation of RPE in age-related macular degeneration: Observations in disciform lesions and dry RPE atrophy.
Subretinal vessels leading to the manifestation of a tubular capillary network from choriocapillaries may be promoted by smoking with disciform macular degeneration as the end result.
Capitulescences monocephalous, terminal; capitula sessile to pedunculate, homogamous or heterogamous, discoid, disciform, or radiate; receptacle epaleate; involucre multiseriate, phyllaries acute at the apex or with an apical, showy appendage.
In the trial, the telescope prosthetic device was implanted in one eye of patients with moderate to profound visual impairment (BCVA 20/80 - 20/800) in both eyes due to disciform scars (end-stage wet-AMD) or geographic atrophy (advanced dry AMD).
For all these years, ophthalmologists have not had a treatment option for patients suffering from vision impairment due to geographic atrophy or disciform scar AMD," said Henry Hudson, M.