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Synonyms for discharge

Synonyms for discharge

to remove the cargo or load from

to release from military duty

to free from an obligation or duty

to pass or pour out

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

to set right by giving what is due

the act of beginning and carrying through to completion

the act of dismissing or the condition of being dismissed from employment

Synonyms for discharge

the act of venting


Related Words

a substance that is emitted or released

the pouring forth of a fluid

a formal written statement of relinquishment

the act of discharging a gun

Related Words

remove the charge from

go off or discharge


pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

leave or unload

cause to go off

become empty or void of its content

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Congress added a section to the Clean Water Act in 1987 to accelerate efforts to control and eventually eliminate toxic point-source discharges into rivers.
The new regulations, which took effect in January 1994, now exclude insoluble discharges that could concentrate, like the cobalt-60 found at the Southerly treatment plant.
Existing direct discharges will be required to meet limitations based on EPA's best practicable control technology (BPT) and best available technology (BAT).
Discharges were defined as "terminations of employment initiated by the employer for such reasons as incompetence, violation of rules, dishonesty, laziness, absenteeism, insubordination, and failure to pass the probatinary period.
com/reports/c46492) has announced the addition of "World Electrical Discharge Machines Markets" to their offering.
Only several papers investigates partial discharge in oil (Sundara, 2009), (Chen, 2009) and studies of partial discharges in strongly divergent field in insulating oil (Cavallini, 2005).
In mitigation, Northumbrian Water Ltd accepted the sample hadn't been available to be collected, but that their own research indicated no harmhad been done to the watercourse from any discharges.
Laboratory trials have indicated that the addition of the chemical tetraphenylphosphoniumbromide (TPP) to Sellafield discharges could enable Tc-99 to be removed from the discharge stream.
Even though President Bush authorized the Pentagon to issue a "stop-loss" order, which suspended most other military discharges just prior to launching the war on terrorism, gay discharges were to continue.
6050P requires certain financial entities to report debt discharges of $600 or more during any calendar year.
A scientific panel commissioned to evaluate the need to further restrict AOX discharges in British Columbia, Canada, reported in March 2002 that it had found no evidence to warrant further reductions (see http://www.
A self-contained, gain-in-weight batching and blending system receives bulk ingredients from multiple upstream sources, and weigh-batches, blends and discharges the material into a surge hopper for subsequent conveying or gravity discharging into downstream process equipment or storage vessels.
1 after repeated discharges of polluted water from the plant at 9550 Los Angeles Ave.
In this situation, the preferable option may be to have a surety post an undertaking or bond which discharges the lien of record, as permitted by the Lien Law, Section 19.
There has been an increase in after-hours discharges from 2000 to 2004.