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Synonyms for planning

Synonyms for planning

an act of formulating a program for a definite course of action

the act or process of drawing up plans or layouts for some project or enterprise

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Also the lower risk of postdischarge mortality for patients with inadequate discharge planning may indicate that most patients who failed this screen were not critically ill.
By inviting community service providers to participate in discharge planning conferences via audio teleconference, information about the medical and social service needs of clients discharged from rehabilitation may be exchanged expeditiously.
The offender is the driving force in the discharge planning process, with ODMHSAS and DOC providing support, suggestions and linkage for continued care.
Although alternative measures such as length of stay (LOS) or discharge destination could have been used as outcome measures, the primary objective of the scale was to identify patients in need of early comprehensive discharge planning by a social worker.
As one can see from all the necessary steps required to qualify a patient for NPPV under the COPD diagnosis, discharge planning is required as it may take several days or longer to perform all the necessary testing.
According to the authors, the difficulties of discharge planning have been compounded over the past several years by a number of factors: Hospital stays have grown shorter, while patients have grown older and sicker; constraints imposed by insurers have limited the flexibility on where patients can be sent after discharge, as well as what private insurance or Medicare will pay for; and caseloads for individual planners have grown.
SIR - In response to your recent article relating to the care which stroke patients are receiving in our hospitals, I was very upset to see that you had Nevill Hall Hospital down as having no discharge planning in place.
Her progress was continual, and her physician began her discharge planning during her fifth month in the facility.
The generic quality screens (see figure 1, page 31) measure the adequacy of discharge planning, medical stability, deaths, nosocomial infections, trauma suffered in the hospital, and unscheduled return to surgery.
Although many studies have been published concerning discharge planning in hospitals, there are few published studies of nursing home discharge planning.
Starting today, the company's website will feature the new corporate and updated product logos for Ramsell340B, a customizable solution for 340B drug program administration to help programs increase access, improve outcomes, reduce costs and realize more value; RamsellMTM, clinically sound medication therapy management services and configurable technology to improve clinical outcomes and control costs; RamsellPBM, highly configurable pharmacy benefit management solutions for better control over pharmacy programs, costs and outcomes; and RamsellCorrections, customizable solutions for discharge planning and community supervision to improve care and reduce recidivism.
The professional team will be required to develop the existing design to RIBA Stage E, discharge planning conditions where appropriate to the project, prepare procurement documentation for a Design and Build contract, support HHPP in the procurement and ap
an evidence-based technology organization specializing in hospital discharge planning and readmission management, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital(Jefferson) today announced a partnership aimed at improving patient care transitions and reducing readmissions.
Suggestions for patient and family teaching and discharge planning complete each plan.
This allows case managers to engage in on-the-spot discharge planning from their laptops without having to walk back and forth to their offices.
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