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One advantage of a cold call is that it enhances your chance of catching the discharge planner "in.
During the hospital discharge process, discharge planners generally provide a list of local nursing homes that provide SNF care to patients and their families and may help identify which SNFs have vacancies.
Within three to six months, the part-time LMHP, who was the discharge planner, was averaging 125 contacts every month.
The hospital discharge planner is often a social worker, sometimes a nurse.
With input from the nurses and the patients I begin by communicating with other members of the health care team (physician, discharge planner, neonatologist, blood bank, etc .
The mailing labels for the letter and reply card were addressed to the attention of "Discharge Planner" as an attempt to reach discharge planners in all disciplines.
The discharge planner can help you arrange for a visiting nurse, hospital equipment, meals-on-wheels, or other services.
You and your child's discharge planner should set up home training dates; usually the home care agency or equipment vendor will do the actual training.
Exploring and clarifying the patient's wishes as a joint effort of patient, family, and discharge planner are sacrificed in the diagnosis-to-reimbursement concept of treatment.
medical discharge planner of Hillsborough County jails, said the turnout was encouraging and that it indicated a need for additional services that emphasized the importance of correctional staff taking the time to care for themselves.
After Jonathon finished school in Bathurst, Margaret moved back to her home village, Bilambil, near Tweed Heads, built a lovely home and settled in again to the demanding advocacy needed as Discharge Planner for Murwillumbah/Tweed Heads area hospitals.
I'm going to assume, until persuaded otherwise, that it's the physician who is the ultimate arbiter as to the site of service, probably in tandem with the hospital's discharge planner.
Among the issues the discharge planner should discuss with the caregiver are what changes to expect in the loved one's physical condition once home; the need for specific training on handling medication regimens, using medical equipment, or such seemingly routine tasks as bed-to-chair transfers; and the potential impact of caregiving on family members.
For example, for acute care patients, he lists roles as community liaison, consultant, community organizer, collaborator, educator, discharge planner, resource mobilizer, caseworker, and counselor.
Once an assessment has been conducted, the discharge planner must translate the care needs and patient preferences into service needs and help the patient and family develop PAC options.
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