discharge pipe

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a pipe through which fluids can be discharged

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The rehabilitation of the hydraulic circuit upstream of the Central Sabart include the following - Replacement air forced two lines (upper part) with two new,- Removal of the former head valves and installation of two new,- Replacement of the discharge pipe and tubing in a part of the former,- Replacement of monitoring and control cables, - rehabilitation of penstocks (bottom horizontal underground).
The discharge pipe is 1 1/4" diameter, the air pipe is 1/2" diameter.
1 The design of the underground discharge pipe was approved by the Kaohsiung City Environment Protection Bureau, and K11 was issued a Water Pollution Control Unit certification license number: 00519-02.
The bypass discharge pipes had to pass through a creek under a railroad bridge, which caused concern for the railroad about the amount of potential water displacement if there was a heavy rain event.
Swallows tragic story started after it perched upon a discharge pipe of an elementary school.
Other water sources, not connected to the Corus site, feed into the same discharge pipe, and we are not responsible for all the water discharged from the pipe end.
I bet that the cost of diesel fuel to move the sludge to date is more than it would have cost to extend the El Segundo ocean-treated sewage discharge pipe all the way to Guam.
TOXIC DRAINAGE--Excess irrigation water running off California farm fields enters this creek through a discharge pipe, thereby introducing pyrethroids and other pesticides.
The Green Party's Ciaran Cuffe, who met British Nuclear Fuels Limited, said TDs were informed of a new minor leak in the main discharge pipe running from Sellafield into the Irish Sea.
JEDDAH: In response to reports that a young woman who drowned at sea earlier this month had fallen near a sewage discharge pipe, the Jeddah municipality issued a statement on Friday denying the pipe in question discharges sewage.
As part of the negotiated agreement approved by a Will County judge today, Exelon will begin remediation of the contaminated groundwater, conduct frequent inspections of the discharge pipe that carries effluent away from the plant and provide periodic progress reports.
A mixing zone can range from a few feet in front of a discharge pipe to a water boundary several miles from the point of discharge.
Check the fines discharge pipe at the dribble valve.
Execution 2 holes from the surface to a level of 642 m zarurowanych pipes DN 300 mm and a bore dolowego DN 600 mm with a length of 130 m 780 m level to the 642 m level with zarurowaniem steel pipes DN 400 mm KW SA KWK Bielszowice divided into two tasks - Task # 1 - Version 2 holes from the surface to the level of 642 m zarurowanych steel pipes DN 300 mm connected together by twisting with grouting the column pipe to guarantee the tightness, one of them with a tap at 516 m and the construction of the discharge pipe DN 300 mm on the surface with a flyover;- Task No.
Junction boxes at the end of the culvert and a 36-inch discharge pipe that led to a pumping station were also installed.