discharge pipe

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a pipe through which fluids can be discharged

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The bypass discharge pipes had to pass through a creek under a railroad bridge, which caused concern for the railroad about the amount of potential water displacement if there was a heavy rain event.
An environmentally friendly dual pipe system separates hydraulic oil hoses from the dedicated discharge pipe, to reduce the risk of hydraulic oils contaminating discharge water.
Swallows tragic story started after it perched upon a discharge pipe of an elementary school.
Place a bucket below the discharge pipe and gently lift the lever on the pressure-relief valve to test it.
A unique discharge pipe connection allows continuous operation at very low water levels while providing full motor cooling.
A mixing zone can range from a few feet in front of a discharge pipe to a water boundary several miles from the point of discharge.
Check the fines discharge pipe at the dribble valve.
Contract notice: Implementation of a new effluent discharge pipe from step nemosia
Supply and installation of approximately 400 ml of gravity pipeline DN 200 mm and approximately 90 ml of 75 mm discharge pipe, - 18 connections, - Supply, installation and connection of a discharge station and its Equipment, - Fencing equipment.
Installation of the wastewater discharge pipe on the territory of Luxembourg;
execution of works of sewerage waste water including: - supply and installation of 3 pumping stations, - supplying and laying 1100 ml PVC pipe gravity CR 8 DN200, - supply and installation of 240 ml of gravity pipe PVC CR 8 DN250, - supply and installation 170ml PVC discharge pipe PN 10 DN110, - supply and installation of 800 ml PVC discharge pipe PN 10 DN140, - supply and installation of 230 ml of PVC discharge pipe PN 10 DN160,
supply and installation of 453 ml PVC discharge pipe DN140.
Main features: * Delivery of Poste Envignes- Disassembly, appropriate discharge or discharge them available to owners of existing facilities (bar screen basket, scale, level of pears, valves and valves) - the supply and installation of electromechanical and hydraulic equipment: piping for draining the main discharge pipe and elements of robinetterie the valves (valves DN 110 and DN110 valves) on delivery pipes and connection discharge tubing on the discharge principale.
removal and replacement of three (3) sets of combination air valves, check valves, butterfly valves, expansion joints, pressure gauges, spool pieces, and miscellaneous ancillary equipment located between the vertical turbine pumps and the 36" discharge pipe.