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a lamp that generates light by a discharge between two electrodes in a gas

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PRODUCTS 94 General 94 LEDs 96 Product Characteristics 100 Suppliers 104 High Efficiency High Intensity Discharge Lamps 104 Product Characteristics 107 Metal Halide Lamps 108 Product Characteristics 110 Suppliers 112 Sodium Vapor Lamps 112 Product Characteristics 114 Suppliers 116 High Efficiency Fluorescent Lamps 116 Product Characteristics 118 Compact Fluorescent Lamps 120 High Output Fluorescent Lamps 124 Energy-Efficient Fluorescent Lamps 126 Suppliers 129 Other High Efficiency Lighting Products 129 Product Characteristics 130 Suppliers 134
High-pressure discharge lamps (HID) are still state of the art in professional lighting.
Additionally, a gas discharge lamp (instead of a laser) is utilized for nearby detection to significantly lower the cost.
The first commercial high pressure mercury discharge lamp was produced by GEC in England in 1932.
Tenders are invited for supply of hp gas discharge lamp, ballast, hrc fuse, rewire able fuse wire and different type mcbs for different sites of iiest , shibpur.
Luminus is excited about working with our partners in the tactical flashlight market as SST-50 big-chip LEDs are superior to traditional high intensity discharge lamp solutions being used in today's reflection systems," said Keith T.
Cameras for preparing printing plates and cylinders Instant print cameras Roll film cameras Special use cameras Other photographic cameras Photographic discharge lamp flashlights Other photographic flashlights Parts and accessories for photographic cameras Parts and accessories for photographic flashlights
The Luminus 'big-chip' LED and the VLX architecture were made for each other, and the resulting Wash Luminaires popularity with lighting designers is a testament to punch and color uniformity previously available only from discharge lamp fixtures," said Don McDaniel, director, global entertainment, Luminus.
Tenders are invited for Low Loss Energy Efficient Electromagnetic Copper Wound Ballast Consisting Of High Silicon Steel Crgo Laminations With Argon Welding Super Enamelled Copper Wire On Glass Fibre, Filled Nylon Coil Cover Vacuum Impregnated, Winding Insulation Class H Material Non-Audible Noise Level, 6 Amp Double Screw Terminal, Terminal Block For Tapping Of 220/240 Volt, 50Hz Ac Supply, Suitable For 70 Watt High Intensity Discharge Lamp And Ballast Shall Comply Conforming To Is:15882-2009 With The Latest Applicable Standard.
Table 8 Market for photographic discharge lamp flashlights in the country in question, 2007-2013 (US dollars)
Pollutant detection and disposal in Steinburg a) Mobile collection: at 22 locations, twice a year, each being coupled between 3 and 5 hours, together 11 working days to carry out on days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday;b) Stationary or quasistationary collection (with a mobile device) at a stand in Itzehoe, weekly on Fridays 8:00 bis 17:00 clock and Saturday 08:00 bis 14:00 clock Stand: Wertstoffhof Itzehoe (ISR) or its own stand of AN;c) order of collectible material (on the vehicle or in temporary storage);Providing for the free disposal of take-back systems (gas discharge lamps, batteries, PUR foam etc.
The current worldwide trend of replacing gas discharge lamps with solid state lighting, such as LEDs, will affect the radiance and spectrum of urban skyglow," he said.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds has launched a new robust range of explosion protected Ex-floodlights for high pressure sodium discharge lamps installed in extreme environments with ambient temperatures from -55 deg C to +55 deg C.
Some specific topics include: basic principles of light and vision, electrical discharge lamps, solid state light sources, dynamic lighting, luminaires, and lasers.