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Synonyms for discharge

Synonyms for discharge

to remove the cargo or load from

to release from military duty

to free from an obligation or duty

to pass or pour out

to carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of

to set right by giving what is due

the act of beginning and carrying through to completion

the act of dismissing or the condition of being dismissed from employment

Synonyms for discharge

the act of venting


Related Words

a substance that is emitted or released

the pouring forth of a fluid

a formal written statement of relinquishment

the act of discharging a gun

Related Words

remove the charge from

go off or discharge


pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

leave or unload

cause to go off

become empty or void of its content

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We re working closely with specific health boards and local authorities with high rates of delayed discharge particularly Lothian, Fife and Grampian - who face historic challenges with social care provision and recruitment.
A theme in two early studies was that the discharge rate was higher for unskilled, presumably lower paid employees, that for skilled workers.
River Shah Alam is in low floods at Takhabad area having water discharge of 5587 cusecs and River Adezai is in medium floods with 46900 cusecs water discharge at Adezai bridge.
5% of all hospital discharges took place during these hours - more than double the amount discharged on Teesside during the same times.
It acknowledged the widespread illegality of these discharges and changed its rules going forward but has left 31,000 wounded warriors alone to fend for themselves, denied even basic medical care for their injuries.
The purpose of this Best Practice Information Sheet is to present the best available evidence on the essential components of an effective and feasible assessment approach of patients following anesthesia and surgery that will assure patient safety through timely and appropriate discharge from the Post-Anesthetic Care Unit.
And the last but not least, the partial discharge activity measurement is used for diagnostic of insulating systems (Mentlik et al.
After-hours discharge from ICU is associated with increased risk of death and readmission to ICU.
military conducted similar operations to increase discharge capability in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and to deliver humanitarian supplies following the December tsunami in Indonesia.
The increased risk of death was especially telling in the first 30 days after discharge.
Director of nursing services Sue Hayward said the idea of the project emerged from a nursing services discharge audit which revealed unnecessary delays to discharge, as well as emergency department overcrowding, which could lead to gridlock throughout the hospital.
The discharge contained salts, bacteria and other inorganic matter believed to have come from water-softener systems used by some residents and from the park's wastewater treatment plant, water officials said.
Constructive Discharge as a Tangible Employment Action
Just another vessel discharge for the 950th Transportation Company?