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  • verb

Synonyms for discern

Synonyms for discern

to perceive and fix the identity of, especially with difficulty

to perceive, especially barely or fleetingly

to perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind

to recognize as being different

Synonyms for discern

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Mike Ashley's name has been mud on Tyneside for most of his depressing eight-year tenure but the mood has discernibly shifted away from the apathy of early March to a new, spiky mood of activism and discontent.
Each of them, their souls discernibly scarred some way or other, proffers a way to harness pain, physical or psychological, to the task of garnering modest adult hopefulness.
We may raise the ratings over the next 12 months if expansion plans help to develop a sustainable geographic footprint outside of the UAE, while returning to underwriting profitability discernibly better than the market.
The notion may be difficult to imagine, but yes, the public discourse in the US is discernibly shifting the ground from under the very feet of those who continue to promote the conventional thesis that Israel is the injured party in the dispute between itself and the Palestinians.
That is discernibly different than Ohio State, which has 21 million people within a six-hour radius of their campus and has multiple professional entities.
12) Moreover, while Perry's surface treatments are somehow supplemental to the vessel forms, Benwell's are discernibly composite; interior and exterior are conjoined.
There is an unmissable snag, however, in that the Irishman's batting form - since a purple patch in Australia last winter - is not discernibly better than Cook's.
The Buckeyes were a physical team, but they didn't have a significant size advantage and weren't discernibly bigger than other teams the Ducks have faced.
It didn't spike circulation, at least not discernibly so, and it probably reduced our influence.
His flesh-and-blood everymen, recruited off the street like so many hookers or soldiers and transposed into paint like royalty, become ciphers for an apotheosis part African, part European, all American, totally historical, completely contemporary, discernibly real, undeniably made-up, and uncertainly masculine.
The authors note the implementation of the ACGME resident work-hours regulations was not discernibly associated with the mortality trends of ICU patients.
A discernibly Christian sensibility enters the background early on, although other traditions are conscientiously mentioned.
Now if we extend it and we wind up having a discernibly better product, then it would be worth the extra time.
Alpha testing of IQ produced discernibly higher RPMs (revenue per 1000 impressions) and performance, indicating strong value and measurable results for both digital publishers and advertisers.
Transect lines extended across the plant community to a point where riparian vegetation discernibly ended and upland woodland began, with the exception of site P3 in which all lines traversed the island.