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perceptible by the senses or intellect


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Discernable was bought by John Ferguson for 160,000gns from the Newsells Park draft at Book 1 of Tattersalls last year.
That large and lasting swings in the yen-dollar exchange rate had no discernable impact on Japan's deflationary trend constitutes strong evidence against this position.
Still, a question worth pondering is whether corporate brands are more like the shining stars or the cold dark matter of the universe--out there somewhere, but emitting no discernable energy.
The spinning, which in the Dean piece sometimes had the appearance of irregular turns with a discernable one-two beat phrasing, was repeated later in the program in the frenetic whirling in Pascal Rioult's Wien.
You have a market that is hot and will probably continue because there is no discernable source of oversupply," he noted.
In addition, Melville and CTS share our core values, have similar discernable differences and provide a solid platform to strengthen and build upon our international presence.
The inflections from one voice to another are easily discernable and especially important to identify because Josie has an assorted group of friends plus an older brother and her parents.
For nearly 150 years, mathematicians have puzzled over Bernard Riemann's hypothesis that there is a discernable pattern to the appearance of prime numbers in the infinite string of whole numbers.
The photographs suggest that, although the aura of their dated idealism may be discernable, their physicality is still affected by the ravages of time.
A single base station can support up to 62 DC5W handhelds without discernable degradation.
18) In spite of no discernable long-lasting insights, Nomad is still an entertaining read.
However, far larger exposures after birth--from breast milk--had no discernable effect, notes Joseph L.
In the room was a space heater, a map of Mesopotamia, a few chairs, a table covered with bread crumbs, the odd beer bottle and a long tape loop, continually running, playing barely discernable "noises" composed by Kalman Adam.
Considering all three dimensions, the device can distinguish structures only one-eighteenth the minimum volume discernable by diffraction-limited equipment, the researchers say.