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However, if similarities in phenomenology are seen between the sham condition and either the psychic reading condition or the discarnate communication condition, due to the blinding issues stated above, this result would not aid in discriminating between somatic psi and survival psi as it is not possible to determine the source of information (i.
The reading formats were developed based on the knowledge about the discarnate communication process that was gained during the use of each consecutive protocol.
In his paper "The Contribution of Apparitions to the Evidence for Survival" (Stevenson, 1982) he discusses the two main interpretations of veridical hallucinations (or apparitions), namely the theories of Gurney (all explained by telepathy) and of Myers, who argued that the perceived discarnate plays a part in generating the apparitional experience.
I Row-Boat" imagines a near future in which consciousness--animal, vegetable, mineral, and mechanical--has ascended to post-terrestrial constellations of data, though uploading here requires both the downloading of intelligence to non-human entities (so that they too can attain transcendence) and the supplementation of the discarnate noosphere by downtime in non-sentient meat hosts.
org) surancified unscarified W2 swalloping wallopings W2 taco-roller root cellar W3 tale packers spear tackle OED tar candies Descartian W3 tar candies discarnate W3 tar candies eradicants W3 tarnacious arcuations W3 tarnatious saturation W3 tarnatious titanosaur W3 tarpentine apertinent OED, variant spelling of 'appurtenant', a belonging tarpentine tripennate W2 tarpoleons solo parent In New Zealand, the usual name for single parent (dictionary.
Man's discarnate, techno-angelic ubiquity annihilates distance and renders space-binding obsolete, all thanks to the absolute speed of electromagnetic waves.
The table-tipper of the Midland is a discarnate ghost; it has no physical body, but some of the most frightening ghosts haunting this city are the carnates - ghosts that look as solid and real as you and me.
The words nephesh and ruach (soul and spirit, respectively) were given additional meanings and "could now refer to the discarnate dead as well as to the whole person, life-force, and the breath.
42) And so, first and foremost, dream logic and parable suggest the discarnate isolation of the dead-ended contemporary: 'He slept aloft on a sarsen stone / Dreaming to, dreaming fro, / And the more he dreamt was the more alone'.
In this experimental protocol, each medium is given the first name of a discarnate and asked a series of questions about that person.
Instead, she eventually proclaimed to have entered into marriage and erotic intercourse with a discarnate entity in the spirit world named Soph--the principal evidence used by her protagonists to prove her alleged insanity.
Then I came to the Features section, where I read about ignoring the subtlety of Trinitarian doctrine, about Jesus' being truly divine, but not wholly divine, about unfleshed and enfleshed, incarnate and discarnate.
Integrating Asian philosophies and New Age with a form of systematic parapsychology, Xiong covers the history of thought and practice and research methods in the field, then analyzes practices and beliefs such as extrasensory perception (including precognition, clairvoyance and clairsentience), psychokinesis (including poltergeists, levitation and paranormal healing), discarnate entities (including out-of-body experiences, personal guardian angels or demons and angel vision), altered states of consciousness (including dreams and drugs), and avenues of theoretical research.
But, furthermore, they are in what the poem calls "our discarnate, fictive (yes, but sentient) notion of substance.