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Synonyms for discard

Synonyms for discard

to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

Synonyms for discard

anything that is cast aside or discarded

(cards) the act of throwing out a useless card or of failing to follow suit

getting rid something that is regarded as useless or undesirable

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As garbage is produced by putting discards together in one bin, the group stressed the need to keep discards properly segregated to facilitate their reusing, recycling or composting.
Data on discards in the northern GOM recreational fishery are collected by multiple fishery monitoring programs, including the Marine Recreational Information Program, Southeast Region Headboat Survey, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Coastal Creel Survey (Chromy et al.
From January first, 2017 discard will be phased out in the Mediterranean, in the Blac Sea and in all EU waters and non-EU waters, noted a statement issued by the ministers.
As far as discards are concerned, no one hates discarding more than our fishermen but there is concern about how a discards ban would work in practice.
They have campaigned against banning discards and want to select only the highest value species and throw away the rest.
Discards are encouraged under the present Common Fisheries Policy because the fish that fishermen do not want, because they are too small, are of little financial value, or take them over a quota, can be thrown over the side usually dead or dying.
On Monday, the European Fisheries Council met to discuss the issue of discards.
We need a real change - to fish less and earn more and we can do that through a better management of our fish stocks and for instance avoiding discards.
The discovery that reducing discards from boats could ripple through the ecosystem and threaten seabirds strikes ecologist Julia Parrish of the University of Washington in Seattle as one of the more important lessons of the analysis.
Network behaviors that can significantly impact VoIP performance include jitter buffer discards and bursts (i.
These are traces captured through photo graphy, newspaper clippings, other people's discards, or even remains of old installations.
And if you want to claim your discards, you'll need to call the Caltrans office in the locale where you lost it.
You take the top two hearts and both follow to the first round but North discards a diamond on the second round.
Foreign Ministry documents related to a suspected embezzlement case involving a diplomat who has since been dismissed are being kept although the ministry routinely discards documents considered unnecessary after five years, Foreign Minister Yohei Kono said Tuesday.
The only problem Clayton has encountered is dealing with the kids who discovered they could dig through the discards and find pornography.