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thrown away

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Consequently, consumers who had discarded one type of credit card but had then obtained another were not identified, and their discarding was not included in the statistics.
die waiting for a kidney transplant, while annually, nearly 2,700 kidneys procured for transplantation are discarded.
The move is part of Merthyr Tydfil's Community Safety Partnership measures to raise awareness of the risks associated with picking up discarded needles found in public places.
That's 33 percent more than a month's worth of discarded patches and up to six times as much hormone as in a month's supply of contraceptive pills, Larsson notes.
At 6 the following morning, they were discarded again.
The Indiana property will add to the CEF portfolio of over 150 million tons of discarded coal in Alabama.
The key to its success is being able to automate identification of the most valuable information contained in company data at any given time so that relatively unimportant data can be automatically demoted to lower-cost, less accessible storage media and ultimately discarded.
The announcement follows a consultation with industry this spring, and the government s response sets out our plans to help fishermen adapt to the ban through:European Maritime and Fishing Funding will be available when the scheme opens to purchase or develop new and innovative gear for more selective fishing and help industry to develop new markets for fish that were previously discarded.
Los Angeles apartment residents who don't have normal curbside collection or people without room in their green containers can bring their discarded trees to one of a dozen drop-off points throughout the city.
Their report on a discarded layer from the native Brazilian babassu coconut and the rice hulls will be published in CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS.
According to Pitt, "The object should be to design a program that ensures that information that is required to be saved, either for business or legal reasons, is retained, while other items are discarded on a routine basis, promptly after they can be discarded under the policy.
Many who participated said they had not realized some of the material found in electronics could be hazardous if discarded into the trash, yet they all said they just didn't feel right to simply toss it out.
Minnesota is considering a similar program for electronic equipment discarded by its residents.
The research team used 24 percent TPM, which is a recognized international analytical standard at which oil should be discarded.