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Synonyms for discard

Synonyms for discard

to let go or get rid of as being useless or defective, for example

Synonyms for discard

anything that is cast aside or discarded

(cards) the act of throwing out a useless card or of failing to follow suit

getting rid something that is regarded as useless or undesirable

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Generally deliberate and willing to execute their captives, inmate hostage takers view their hostages as discardable implements to be used as long as needed.
Both the poet and the painter, that is, fortuitously discovered an unlikely "theater" by which to release and elaborate, to illuminate and play changes upon, sensibilities that would seem to be light years beyond such old-fashioned, discardable containers.
Thus this present earth is not discardable, because a continuity exists between knowledge and the physicality of the present and future earth.
Recently, discardable kidneys from adult cadaveric donors have also been used in dual renal transplants to expand the donor pool.
The notion of "humanising" the savage is important to later understandings here, because the authentication of indigenous knowledge, in the early colonial context at least, meant determining what was human (and thus authentic) and what was savage or inhuman --and thus inauthentic, incomprehensible, and discardable into the inhuman ether.
One must watch carefully and actively, and it is as if Haneke is insisting that films are not discardable entertainment, without denying the hermeneutic pleasure of the mystery thriller.
This dominant globalization is treating the majority of humankind as discardable surplus.
The new product comes in a small pack designed to fit discreetly into a handbag and has a discardable outer layer.