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(computer science) a portable pack of magnetic disks used in a disk storage device

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While the CD coupling disc pack transmits torque similar to any conventional coupling, it does a better job of dampening backlash and shock without coupling fatigue, which can occur in a fast-moving, high torque system like the SF 400.
We have 10 MXD Twin Shooters and 10 MXD Disc packs to give away.
The additions to the disc pack line include Xtreme Pleasure, a condom designed to deliver enhanced sensation to the user, and an assortment of color condoms, including blue, green, red and pink.
To meet the requirements of the Abrams tank program, the engineers at Zero-Max modified a standard design to use seven plies in the disc pack instead of the usual five.
While the CD coupling transmits torque similar to any conventional coupling, the composite disc pack does a better job of dampening backlash and shock without the coupling fatiguing, which can occur in a fast-moving system with high cycle rates.
The CD coupling used for this project was a customized version with a disc pack at each end of the unit.
say the company has reenergized the condom category again with its launch of the LifeStyles condom disc pack.
The amount of pressure applied regulates the amount of torque transmitted through the clutch and the disc pack is self-adjusting, reducing slippage even as the unit wears.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Disc Pack For Id Fan Coupling For Ntpc Mouda
The clutch is unusual, Rogers said, in that it operates at low pressure and incorporates a disc pack made up of large diameter discs that are cooled by continuously circulating oil.
Limited Tenders are invited for Disc Pack ( Flexible Membrane ) For Np-502.
5[degrees] per disc pack in the smaller six-bolt units to 0.
Tenders are invited for Purchase enquiry for disc pack set for coupling of oil pump of hydraulic coupling of id fan of boiler of 2x250mw unit no.
In the field for over a year, the new coupling enhancement with the ZeroMax CD composite disc pack is performing extremely well," reported Smathers.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Complete Flexible Disc Pack Coupling