disc harrow

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a harrow with a series of disks set on edge at an angle


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Total quantity or scope: two agricultural tractors, two disc harrow, two plows, two cars for digging pits
Soil preparation, including mechanized cleaning of areas of bushes and shoots uprooting of tree trunks, leveling the area after eradication, trenching area for afforestation, disking with a disc harrow.
The contract is for delivery of a set of equipment to maintain lane boundary composed of farm tractor 4X4, together with the frontloader piecioskibowy arable plow, disc harrow, disposable training Employer operators in the place and time of delivery in the use of equipment and machinery aggregation .
the contract is for the supply of a set of equipment to maintain lane border composed of farm tractor 4x4 with frontloader piecioskibowy arable plow, disc harrow, single trained operator ordering in the time and place of delivery in the use of equipment and machinery aggregation .
Procurement Acquisition Plug Putra Pp - 4-30 and Disc Harrow Gd 3.
This all-in-one unit comes with an electric or manual lift system, adjustable disc harrow, plow attachments, cultivator, seeder, cultipacker, and drag.
Procurement Acquisition Vegetation Chipper, Disc Harrow
Disc harrow: When you need to aggressively prep some soil, a disc harrow cuts and breaks up even the hardest ground.
Under the programme, a set of agriculture machines and implements like disc harrow, rotavator, seed drill, chisel plough, sugarcane ridger will be provided to farmers on 50 percent subsidy.
com) * (4) Summit Treestands' Plot-Mule High-Speed Disc Harrow lets you plant twice the number of food plots as conventional ATV disc harrows in half the time because it's designed for high-speed use.
Limited Tenders are invited for Hiring Of Dozer, Jcb, Tractor And Hydraulic Crane With Attachments Viz Plough, Disc Harrow Etc.
His size is a big attribute to him around here, when there has been frost about they disc harrow the track and that makes the ground deeper which plays into his hands.
By fall I acquired a tractor and disc harrow and planted winter grains on a disked seedbed.
Don't miss: South of the viewing platform along an accessible path you'll find a rusted disc harrow.