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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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Customers now have unprecedented flexibility and opportunity to lower their total cost of IT ownership by selecting the right hard disc drive for the proper application.
Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hard disc drives, providing products for a wide-range of Enterprise, Desktop, Mobile Computing, and Consumer Electronics applications.
5-inch enterprise disc drives are ideal for space-constrained data centers that require high I/O density storage with unparalleled reliability," said Bill Schilling, Seagate director of Enterprise Product Marketing.
Mike Nikolaiev, Compaq TPC Director says: "The Cheetah X15 has enabled us to achieve the same level of performance using 42% fewer disc drives.
The end-to-end test setup was created using Aristos Logic's UltraARC reference platforms, Emulex's industry-leading LightPulse(TM) LP11000 4G Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters, Xyratex's 4G Fibre Channel enclosures populated with Seagate's Cheetah 4G enterprise disc drives.
NYSE:SEG) today are demonstrating powerful new Personal Video Recorder (PVR) features by combining Metabyte's MbTV(TM) software suite with Seagate's exclusive SeaStream(TM) A/V streaming technology in Seagate U Series consumer disc drives.
RICOH MediaMaster Internal ATAPI CD-R/CD-RW disc drive with 1MB buffer;
With this technology, data created by the disc drive to inform the actuator arm of its location relative to the disc media surface is interlaced with user data across all of the platters of the disc drive.
0 billion in revenue for its last 12 months ended September 29, 1995, is the largest independent disc drive and components company in the world.
These, among others, require the fastest disc drive performance possible and the very highest storage capacities available in order to manipulate these characteristically huge A/V data files.
19, 1995--Seagate Technology today announced that it has reached an agreement with Sony Corporation, Japan, to jointly develop and commercialize a magnetic hard disc drive utilizing a new media technology pioneered by Sony.
25-inch hard disc drives specifically for the PC, the entire computing landscape has changed dramatically and evolved to a point today where computing and digital information have become part of our everyday lives," said Bill Watkins, Seagate president and COO.
Being held at Eurologic's booth (booth number LN105) and in the FCIA Room (booth number L3215) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the demonstrations will feature Eurologic's highly scalable, highly reliable, high-performance 2Gbps Fibre Channel-ready SANbloc network storage system, and Seagate's 10K Cheetah 73LP disc drives, running in a variety of SAN configurations at 2Gbps Fibre Channel data transfer rates.