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Synonyms for disc

Synonyms for disc

something with a round shape resembling a flat circular plate

(computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored

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Utilizing Disc Marketing's expertise in using music as an emotional branding tool, the Enhanced CD also includes eight audio tracks by artists popular with the target audience, including Cold, Saliva, Joe Budden and Pillar.
recently conducted DVD molding trials of its developmental PCHE resin at the Disc Technology Center of Axxicon Moulds in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
A "moment-free" mechanism that maintains equilibrium between injection and clamping pressures is said to eliminate disc center bending and stress.
6-mm SD disc has only half the mass of plastic in a conventional 1.
Disc 2: Tax Court Decisions Recorded and Memorandum 1973 to present.
A "Blue Book" standard was submitted in April by Optical Disc Corp.
DVD-18 will deliver 17GB on a dual-sided dual-layered disc