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Synonyms for disburse

Synonyms for disburse

to distribute (money) as payment

Synonyms for disburse

expend, as from a fund


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In contrast to vending machines and ATMs capable of accepting 2,000-yen banknotes, those capable of disbursing them as well may take a while to appear.
Lost, stolen or damaged cards are easily replaced once reported to the ship's Disbursing Office.
Grisham, who served as a disbursing clerk in the U.
First they stopped disbursing our industrial package, they reduced our quota for rice, sugar and edible oil, they have also reduced our recruitment quota in Army and paramilitary forces," he said.
Payment of the merger consideration will be made following the merger upon proper presentation of certificates formerly representing CTI Molecular Imaging shares to the disbursing agent for the merger, together with a properly completed letter of transmittal.
1 billion while Punjab Provincial Co-operative Bank Limited (PPCBL) by disbursing Rs 8.
We have a well thought out international expansion program underway, but one of the challenges faced by all international companies in our industry is that of collecting and disbursing monies from multiple foreign currencies in a timely manner.
The 'A-' is based on the priority of the special assessment tax lien against property with an expected minimum valuation of $115 million, restrictions on disbursing bond proceeds until a minimum of $50 million in private investment has occurred and the pledge by the City of Westlake, subject to appropriation, to cure deficiencies in the additional municipal reserve.
Working with Unisys, DFAS will be able to focus less on technology and more on its core business -- paying defense employee salaries and disbursing federal money globally.
48 million Watan Cards successfully disbursing approximately Rs.
MBAH will be the sole recipient of NMDA account receivables and shall be wholly responsible for disbursing to Wildside their share of NMDA revenues strictly on a net profit basis.
Philanthropy Executive Brings Record of Innovative Leadership to an Organisation Committed to Social Change and to Disbursing its Entire $4 Billion Endowment
Through its members -- lenders, guarantors, and loan servicers -- ELM administers a common, open, and universal student loan delivery system that seamlessly links the diverse computing platforms involved in processing and disbursing a student loan.