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someone who spends money to purchase goods or services

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As Sister Nolan explains: "We even put a pharmacist at the ward level--then the pharmacist becomes a key player in the health of the patient on an on-going basis, rather than a distant disburser of drugs.
and similar third-party disbursers are so controversial that in other parts of the country they have sparked student revolts, drawn scrutiny from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
If this be not the proper construction, then the consequence would follow that in this elaborate section, obviously intended to cover the whole ground of frauds by receivers, custodians, and disbursers of the public moneys, of every grade of office, punishment is provided for only one of the offences which the act designates.
As the cash disbursers have proved, the Congress is full of calculators.
In addition to limiting the group of disbursers that trigger the