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someone who spends money to purchase goods or services

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A disburser is any lender who loans money to the contractor or owner, the proceeds of which are to be periodically disbursed as work on the construction progresses.
The flow of funds also suggests that TMO's and Tehsil Nazim were at the same time executors, monitors, contractors and disbursers of the funds allocated for the rehabilitation of infrastructure, causing huge loss to national exchequer.
and similar third-party disbursers are so controversial that in other parts of the country they have sparked student revolts, drawn scrutiny from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
If this be not the proper construction, then the consequence would follow that in this elaborate section, obviously intended to cover the whole ground of frauds by receivers, custodians, and disbursers of the public moneys, of every grade of office, punishment is provided for only one of the offences which the act designates.
As the cash disbursers have proved, the Congress is full of calculators.
In addition to limiting the group of disbursers that trigger the
Some retailers, including banks, have driven bank providers to enable capabilities for their benefit--to expedite their collection and float concentration capabilities--to the detriment of less sophisticated disbursers and disbursing banks.
Baptist churches and associations in the 1800s increasingly described diaconal functions in administrative, business, and management categories, with an emphasis on deacons as managers, trustees, boards, treasurers, assessors, collectors, and disbursers of church funds, often to the neglect of the more caring and supportive ministries.
In other words the arrangements which this basic Regulation established and which still pertain do not provide the immediate disbursers of 48% (at one time as high as 70%) of the Community's budget, the EAGGF paying agencies in the Member States, with any immediate incentive for rigor and tight control of what is in effect someone else's, that is, the Community's, money.