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  • verb

Synonyms for disburden

to free from or cast out something objectionable or undesirable

to remove the cargo or load from

Synonyms for disburden

take the burden off

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This dialectic of enlightenment animates the endlessly reiterated calls within professional literary criticism for a "political" criticism disburdened of "romantic" or "aesthetic" ideology.
It is generally expected that not only should the quality of life of the patient be improved by regenerative treatments, but also that health systems be sustainably disburdened by eliminating protracted aftercare and complications.
Faculty commonly refer to their teaching obligations as a course "load," and their tacit or even explicit career ambition is to be disburdened of it.
Maxwell Whiteman, Forgers & Fools: The Strange Career of "Baron" Weisberg and the Incredible Story of Documents Destroyed and Disburdened from the Philadelphia Custom House (New York: Typophiles, 1986), 8.
Finally disburdened of his acquaintances, he climbs a hill to survey the countryside, followed by the inn's maid, a suburban Parisian who disdainfully proclaims this provincial town "la fin du monde.
In this interpretation, a rich man may enter heaven only by disposing of all his/her wealth - as the camel must be disburdened of its loads - and humbling him/herself, as the camel is led on its knees.